Hey Lovely Peoples, We’re gonna put the brand new FIIL CC Pro head to head to my ANC pick the 1More ComfoBuds Pro.

Well Let’s check out whether FIIL can dethrone the 1More ComfoBuds Pro in ANC top spot as the new ANC king, if you’re excited and let’s find out.

The two candidates for the best ANC Wireless Earbuds below 100 bucks we all know how good the 1more is if you don’t then read my full review it’s only hindered by the controls in a fairly basic app

while on the other side we have the all new FIIL CC Pro with all its customization goodness but now brings a much needed boost in ANC transparency and also some cool new feature.

1More ComfoBuds Pro vs FIIL CC Pro

let’s talk about the build quality and features now and i have to tell you that i was underwhelmed by the build quality of the FIIL despite having the same 30 hours of battery backup, wireless charging on the back, USB Type-c and a very cool breathing FIIL logo.

The moment i pick it up it just somehow felt cheap to me i don’t know if it’s the coating the thin plastics or the hinge or the magnets all i could tell you is that the FIIL T1 Pro and Comfobuds Pro were made better than this.

Another thing that was weird to me at first is how you take the earbuds out on the cc pro the lid doesn’t open too far back so you’ll get stuck if you regret by the stem. You’ll have to take it halo style and grab the brown part.

lastly you get wireless charging for less money so come on FIIL CC Pro for the win i wish i could say that for the earbuds though because i’m still having a hard time getting used to the rectangle shaped stem.

I mean it’s a distinct design choice that’s unique to the FIIL CC line. I’m sure and according to FIIL it brings better antenna technology but in the end it’s just introducing sharper edges that doesn’t feel very nice or elegant when handled or worn.

So just like the case it looks very cool but feels cheap to my hand as for the part that goes in your ear here it’s following the path of Airpods Pro so rounded plastics oval shaped ear tips with a very large inner bore you heard that right.

You’ll need a special large diameter replacement tips if you want to use a third-party option, fortunately the built-in ones are pretty good they seal very well.

My only complaint is just like with any other earbuds that uses this design i.e the Airpods Pro and Earfun Air Pro if you position it wrong it might press onto your ear and start hurting after a short while.

On the other hand the 1more ComfoBuds Pro has none of these issues it doesn’t exert any pressure to any part of the ear.

The ear tips are very well made and it seals very well basically this lives up to its ComfoBuds name they’re very comfortable i could keep them all day long without having a hint of discomfort and also the all-rounded shape is much more pleasant to the touch.

The coating and the coloring is exceptionally well made the 1More just wins here no question.

1More Comfobuds Pro

1More Comfobuds Pro vs FIIL CC Pro: Controls

we’ll check the controls first then we’ll get to the ANC and Transparency mode later so in the case of FIIL if you didn’t know it already you need to install the FIIL Plus App first.

This is a very important step because you’re missing out on a lot of features if you don’t install.

Now once you have the app installed you turn on full controls and initially you have your track control on the right earbud and volume control on the left earbud aside for Play, Pause these controls won’t work if there’s no music playing.

There’s an optical sensor here for wear detection so it’s on par with the 1More now which is faster and more reliable than the touch space system on the FIIL T1 Pro

Except that you can only turn it on or off whereas on the 1More they let you set it to pause only or play and pause which is neat.

My biggest complaint about the FIIL CC Pro actually lies within the positioning of the microphone and the touch sensors.

The mic that’s used for ANC or Transparency is at the top of the stem and guess what that is where you should tap to control your music as well.

It’s not down at the stem it’s not along the stem it’s up there with the mic what this means is if you have any of the anc or transparency modes on you’ll hear cuts to your anc or rubbing noises every time you touch to control your music.

1More completely avoids this issue by not putting the touch sensor up there with the mic instead they put it along the stem which makes for a larger area that’s easier to target.

Either way, both sides are not perfect though because 1More totally suck when it comes to built-in controls even with the app you can’t do anything to fix it you’ll be forced to make a compromise to either choose voice assistant or volume controls or track controls aside from play and pause.

  • Winner for Controls – 1More ComfoBuds Pro not a perfect winner but better implementation of touch area compared to FIIL CC Pro

1More Comfobuds Pro vs FIIL CC Pro: Battery

Comparing the official ratings the 1More edges out FIIL CC Pro by having 6 hours of play time instead of 5 hours with Active Noise Canceling on.

Both cases give around the same amount of play time though and honestly these are still good numbers that you shouldn’t worry about.

1More Comfobuds Pro vs FIIL CC Pro: Sound Quality

So let’s get into the most important aspect, the sound quality if you read my 1More Comfobuds Pro review you’ll know that this is a very neutral sounding earbud that performs so well. It beats out the FIIL T1 Pro and the Soundpeats H1 seriously it sounds natural from bass tracks all the way to symbol crashes.

It’s got great separation with a nice sense of space and vocals never get muddied out or pushed too much it’s just a really nice and clean sound.

Now what about the FIIL this is a company that has given us winners of the winners with their FIIL T1 series but unfortunately that is not the case with the FIIL CC Pro at least in sound quality alone.

I think of it like a side step from FIIL T1 Pro here because you’re trading the airiness and detail in the dribble with a much more capable bass with the larger 10 mm driver here.

So if you talk about the built-in eq’s in FIIL Plus app, there’s three modes bass, normal and treble. The FIIL T1 Pro is like a jack of all trades that sounds great no matter where you put it but on the cc pro it trades treble EQ that sounds mediocre.

Now honestly with a much better bass eq that gives you a lot more impact and presence to the point that I can categorize this as a bass heavy earbud.

It’s rumbly, It’s punchy it’s just perfect if you listen to a lot of idioms hip-hop or even pop music now as for the custom eq I’ve tried to play with it a little and found that it’s only at best as good as the FIIL T1 Pro but never exceeds it.

Keep in mind that am still going through the testing process i’ll give my final verdict in a full review but one thing is clear now no matter how I tweak the 1more Comfobuds Pro is still another step above in terms of sound quality. But that’s okay because you’re paying more for the Comfobuds Pro.

1More Comfobuds Pro vs FIIL CC Pro: Active Noise Canceling

Speaking of Active Noise Cancellation and Customization you can do a lot more with the FIIL CC Pro compared to the T1 Pro here.

There are four anc modes you can assign to tap and hold two on both sides and this depends on you.

But because i don’t use wind noise reduction often, I figured setting one side to a anc in one side to transparency gives me the speed that i want.

You can tap four times for voice assistant you can switch to the last pair device by tapping and holding for four seconds but first you have to turn the feature on.

You tap and hold you’ll hear two beeps that will switch anc modes if you release it but keep on holding until you hear another single beep then you release it in a while you’ll hear a chinese voice prompt saying disconnected from the first device.

Wait then connect it to the second device this switching process takes about eight seconds and combined with the 4 second wait it takes about 12 seconds total.

I don’t know if this is faster than just turning off Bluetooth to my phone then pairing it on my laptop but for sure it only takes one gesture to switch devices.

There’s only one thing missing on CC Pro that you can do on the FIIL T1 Pro is that you can customize the touch sensitivity.

Fiil cc Pro

But i think it’s not that big of a deal just get used to touching on the edge here at the top you’ll have very few missed touches and let me tell you at first i try to tap on the flat side or aim just below the mic to not touch it.

And it kind of works but in the end it just frustrates me more than it helps because the touch sensor is not there so understand that if you get a FIIL CC Pro you’ll be touching the ANC mic very often.

Let’s check the anc and i gotta say this FIIL CC Pro has gone a long way since the T1 Pro it is almost as good as the mild setting on the 1More ComfoBuds Pro.

I recommend you to read the full review to know the difference between mild and strong anc here.

But the point is it’s up there with the best under $100 though, the 1More still has the edge when it comes to blocking mid-range sounds like human voices but remember this comes at the premium compared to the FIIL.

So for the price the cc pro is absolutely worth it as for the transparency mode it’s interesting to see that the cc pro gives you two different modes.

Which might seem like the same thing at first try but actually they are different the “Kaifa moshu” or the second one in the app is full on transparency it’s like the normal transparency you get with anything else.

It lets in everything as it’s supposed to while the fourth one in the app the “Gen tmosh” only lets in human voices give it a go when you’re at a restaurant or a convenience store you’ll notice that with the kai found mode you’ll hear low humps produced by ac units and refrigerators which is not present when you are in the chanting mode so you only hear the lovely human voices.

Cool but it comes at the cost of sounding a bit more compressed especially on the chanting mode.

Compare this to 1More and you’ll find the same story repeating itself again even the full on transparency mode does not feel as natural and clear as the 1More but you’re paying more for it too. So In this case better price brings better quality this is not true always but in this.

There’s one last thing that works in FIIL’s favor that is when switching anc or transparency mode the voice prompts is added on top of your music so it doesn’t interrupt your music at all.

And also just like the T1 Pro it remembers your last used setting so if you always use transparency mode it will always turn on with transparency mode.

Compare this to the one more that completely stops your music for a full 3 seconds when switching to ANC which really takes me out of my immersion and always defaults to anc off.

Now this might not be a big deal to you but to me i much prefer the FIIL system.

1More Comfobuds Pro

Final Thoughts on 1More Comfobuds Pro vs FIIL CC Pro

The FIIL CC Pro is definitely one of the best earbuds FIIL has put out yet especially when you take anc and transparency performance seriously.

It might not win an award in terms of sound quality and in all performance metrics it lags behind the 1More ComfoBuds Pro.

One thing is clear though the FIIL is for sure still the number one in terms of value you get for your money you really won’t regret getting any of these choices.

Design, Build and Features 







Sound Quality


ANC Performance


Value for Price


There is a sale going on at Aliexpress which drop the price of 1More ComfoBuds Pro down to $80, If you are luck enough you can get the best ANC earbud for same price as FIIL CC Pro

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