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  • Great Sound
  • Great Battery Life
  • Good Call Quality
  • Latest Technologies


  • Buttons are bit Twitchy
  • Normal IPX5 Rating

Hey Lovely Peoples, Soundpeats is building an amazing reputation in the true wireless earbud space. Today I got the privilege to check out Soundpeats H1 earbuds, and it is their first attempt to go into the hybrid multi driver space, so will this be any good.

Let’s get on with the review of the Soundpeats H1 TWS Earbuds.

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You can see how Soundpeats classify the H1, They’re a more premium selection of earbuds from the box itself.

You can tell that it’s already different from some of the common offerings.

Everything about the H1 is two-tone, and they have this nice combination of gunmetal gray and black on both the case and the earbuds.

The Soundpeats true engine 3 se is a rubberized finish and the H1 is a hard plastic case overall both of this case feels high quality and the seams and finish of both of these cases are very nice, so at the top of the case you see the nice soundpeats branding at the top in a contrasting black color

At the back of the case, you’ll find the USB type-c charge port, which is nice, as well as a charging indicator. Opening the lid, you’ll find that the design of the H1 and the 3se is very similar in design which is very nice because they value consistency in their product range

The lid of the H1 is very solid, and when you open the lid, it sits in place very nicely without slamming shut on its own, and inside, you see both of the earbuds, the beautiful H1 sitting nicely in a case held on by magnets.

You will also see the case battery indicator between the earbuds, which conveniently tells you the case’s battery percentage. When it comes to the earbuds, these are shaped very similarly to the 3 se. The earbuds’ top plate is made of nice gunmetal gray with the Soundpeats logo luxuriously laser edged.

At the bottom of the earbuds, you’ll see the led indicator, which is bright but goes away when you start playing any media

Design and Build
Soundpeats H1 Soundpeats H1 True Wireless Earbuds

Soundpeats H1 True Wireless Earbuds : Features

The Soundpeats H1 comes with a single dynamic driver inside here, and the true engine 3 se has two. This is because the H1 is a hybrid multi driver that contains a single dynamic driver and the balance amateur, driver.

The Soundpeats H1 is a super featured pack and gives you all the modern technology.

The H1 comes with Qualcomm’s flagship qcc 3040 chipset, which gives you Bluetooth 5.2 support, Apt-X adaptive, AAC, and SBC audio codec.

Qualcomm’s Apt-X their latest standard that adapts to the media you are listening to so you get maximum enjoyment.

These Bluetooth earbuds feature a decent IPX5 water-resistant rating that gives you decent protection from water IPX5 means the earbuds should be able to withstand regular sweating, water splashing, and even getting caught under the rain. IPX5 is a pretty common rating out there now, and I expected better protection from Soundpeats.

The H1 also supports a super seamless mono and stereo mode thanks to this new Qualcomm chip, and you can choose either side of the earbuds to use. And you can also put any side back into the case, and the other side will not stop playing, so very impressive there.

These earbuds allow you to connect to multiple devices but not simultaneously, so no Dual connection on these earbuds. That’s a shame for these awesome feature packed TWS earbuds.


Soundpeats H1 : Sound

So let’s get to the interesting part of these earbuds, which is the sound quality. The H1 is simply fantastic, and the sound quality is pristine and high quality. It’s not something you’ll typically get with your traditional earbuds.

The bass and the mids are generated from the 8.6mm dynamic driver, solid, punchy, and resonate.

That deep bass and fantastic mids coupling that you get that amazing crispy high from the balanced armature driver. Balanced Armature gives you amazing reproduction of sounds and details.

Combining the two, you’ll experience this fantastic sound quality overall the Soundpeats true engine 3 se was already an improvement from the original se, and now the H1 blows the rest away.


Soundpeats H1 True Wireless Earbuds : Latency

With the new and improved Apt-X adaptive codec support, there are no latency issues when watching Youtube or Netflix or playing games.

In normal mode is already very good, and when you turn on gaming mode, the latency literally takes away 30 milliseconds. I think this might be the lowest latency on Bluetooth earbuds from experience.


Soundpeats H1 : Battery

Overall the H1 will give you about six hours of continuous playback time, and the charging case gives you a total of 35 hours of battery life that is about 6 full charge cycles, and the Charging case and the earbuds charge up in about 2 hours.

These have pretty accurate with their claims and daily usage. And earbud and charging case can serve for more than 40hrs continuously, which is pretty insane.

Apart from your traditional wired charging, the H1 also provides you with wireless charging convenience using a Qi-certified wireless charger.

Overall am very well satisfied with their battery performance and charging experience. If you are a frequent traveler, this will satisfy you without compromise


Call Quality

In terms of the call quality, the H1 is a leap ahead of the Soundpeats Truen Engine 3 SE, and this fantastically well in quiet and noisy environments.

The earbuds use a dual-mic along with the CVC technology to provide clear calls across different environments

Call Quality

Soundpeats H1 True Wireless Earbuds : Controls

So similar to all Soundpeats earbuds, Soundpeats touch control should be the go to standard for controls on True wireless earbuds, and H1 lets you control all of the media controls as well as volume controls.

Single tapping on either the left or right earbud increases and decreases the earbuds volume, and it doesn’t affect your phone’s volume, so you can go as high as you want on the earbuds and later go higher on your phone.

Play your media or to answer phone calls, simply double tap on the right side of the earbuds, and it should play or pause your media.

To skate forwards or backward, press and hold the left side or the right side of the earbuds, and you will skip forward, and pressing and hold on the left side will skip backward.

Triple tapping on either side of the earbuds will bring out your voice assistant, so triple tap, and it will pause your media and pull out your assistant.

Lastly, to toggle in and out of gaming mode, simply double tap on the left earbuds, and you hear a prompt that lets you know whether you’re in and out of gaming mode.

Even though they have provided all the controls here, The buttons are slightly twitchy, which sometimes registers a double-tap as a single tap and vice versa.

So basically, That’s all controls that you get on the Soundpeats H1.



The only cons are the same old IPX5 rating and twitchy Buttons. Overall I am so impressed with what Soundpeats H1 is capable of delivering.

This earbud sound fantastic, performs exceptionally well, and has the latest technologies to last many years to come.

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Our Rating

Soundpeats H1 Comparisons Summary

soundpeats t2 vs Soundpeats h1

Soundpeats T2 vs Soundpeats H1

Soundpeats H1 is simply fantastic in terms of the Sound Quality, and the sound quality is pristine and high quality.

The bass and the mids are generated from the 8.6mm dynamic driver, solid, punchy, and resonate. where Sondpeats T2 power by 12mm large dynamic driver even though the driver is bigger is Soudnpeats T2 it is still can not compete with the Soundpeats H1

That deep bass and fantastic mids coupling that you get that amazing crispy high from the balanced armature driver. 

Soundpeats H1 still not available in the market that makes a T2 a better choice for now with the ANC feature where Soundpeats H1 doesn’t get an ACtive Noise Cancellation feature with its current pre order price tag.

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