1MORE ComfoBuds Pro


Build and Design




Fit and Comfort









  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Above Average ANC Performance
  • Multiple ANC and Listening Modes
  • Good battery Life


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bit Expensive

Hey Lovely Peoples, The 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro is the latest set of active noise cancellation true wireless earbuds coming from 1MORE. They’re packing a bunch of features.

Including five different listening modes, along with that sound quality that we’ve come to expect from 1MORE.

We will see whether these are gonna be worth your hard-earned money.

So let’s get into it the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Review.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro

The way they are shaped is super ergonomic, and it does not cause me any kind of grief. In my listening sessions no ear fatigue whatsoever. Now, they do include a bunch of different ear tips with them. But the ear tips that were included were not my favorite

But overall comfort has been very very good.

Fit and Comfort

Now let me rephrase this by saying that, you know, comfort, it’s highly subjective. Everybody’s ears are shaped differently. So what’s comfortable for me

In my experience, these are very light and very comfortable. Now I tend to have big cheeks right here.

Design and Build
1more Comfobuds pro


1MORE ComfoBuds Pro are on Bluetooth 5.0, along with SBC and AAC as their connection codecs. When it comes to Bluetooth range, these will give you 39 feet or right around 12 meters worth of Bluetooth range.

Watching videos on your Android or iOS device will have little to no latency or lag.
when it comes to gaming, that’s where performance tends to vary a little bit.

So if you’re playing high-performance, first-person shooter games, and you’re competitive, these may not work that well for you. You might notice a little bit of a delay there.

But if you’re just playing some casual games; Asphalt 9, Clash of Clans, like that, it will not be a big issue.

These are also featuring dual connect or independent mode, and that’s where you can use one earbud. At the same time, you leave the other one charging in the case, and then you can swap them out and vice versa.

These also feature in ear detection or what they call smart play and that’s basically where when you put them in they’ll start playing on their own. When you take them out, they will automatically pause themselves so that’s an excellent feature.

And with the 1MORE MUSIC app, you can actually adjust precisely how that feature functions. You can turn it off all the way or make it so it only pauses any combination that works for you. They’ve got you covered for that.

These earbuds have IPX4 water and sweat resistant means you can sweat it out in the gym, horse around near the pool, joggle in the sprinkle


1MORE ComfoBuds Pro : Battery life

The battery life of 1MORE Comfobuds Pro as far as the case is concerned, the case will give you an additional three to four charges. So anywhere around 25 to 28 hours of usage.
The playback time is concerned, they were claiming six hours with active noise cancelation turned on and eight hours with active noise cancelation turned off.

With my usage at 75% volume, with ANC in the strongest setting, I was able to pull six hours and three minutes out of these earbuds.
With active noise cancelation turned off I was able to pull seven hours and 48 minutes. So overall, the battery life of these earbuds is pretty good.

ComfoBuds Pro also feature that fast charge function if you run them down all the way, you can drop them into their case for 10 minutes that’ll give you an additional two hours’ worth of playback time.

As far as charging the case itself, that’s a USB Type-C. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging on these earbuds.

Battery Life

Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

Getting into the Active Noise Canceling performance of 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro earbuds. There are five listening modes.

You have Active noise cancellation strong, active noise cancellation mild. Then you’ve got the wind noise reduction mode, ambient sound, and then everything off just regular sound.

So those are the five modes. With ANC Strong, that is obviously the strongest version of it. It actually works very, very well. And it’s easily on par with many other true wireless earbuds coming in right around that $100 mark. Very good noise cancellation.

So overall very very good. ANC Mild is basically just a reduced version of that ANC. Sounds better like if you’re inside your house, and maybe there’s some ambient noise, perhaps they’ve got an air conditioner or something going it’s going to take care of that very well.

And then wind noise reduction is if you’re going to be wearing them outside, you got a little bit of a breeze going on. 1MORE uses an algorithm to tamp down that noise. Overall, it works okay.

Last you’ve got the ambient sound mode, and that’s where you can activate the microphone. So you can hear your surroundings and maintain situational awareness. It actually worked pretty well. The sound coming through doesn’t sound overly processed.

You can hold conversations with people. You can even watch TV if you want it to.

Overall, it actually does work pretty well.

best budget noise canceling earbuds under 100 1more Comfobuds pro

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Sound Quality

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro get pretty loud not the loudest earbuds on the market, but way more than loud enough

Excellent volume there Comfortable listening for me comes in right around 65 to 70% even lower when I turn on that noise cancellation, which is nice, cause once you get that isolated sound, you can listen to them at a lower volume level to protect your hearing.

Overall an excellent volume. Even for those volume junkies out there, these are gonna have you covered

These 1MORE Comfobuds Pro has their signature sound quality that warmth, that richness, that tuning.

They give you that nice deep bass extension. So if you’re listening to hip-hop or rap or EDM, these things pound these drivers are bringing that bass, but it doesn’t muddy up the mids.

So that’s where they do a lot of this tuning where they get, this is where that warmness and that richness comes in.

You get excellent vocal clarity from 1MORE, because that mid-range has a smoothness to it that I genuinely enjoy. You get some nice treble it isn’t overly done.

It isn’t really sharp or piercing. It rolls off right at the right point. You can pull a little more out of it if you want to use it like Wavelet or one of those EQ apps.

Overall, I can listen to these just as they are, right out of the box, and I will truly enjoy them. 1MORE really is tuned the way that I prefer my sound quality more on the warmer side versus that purely balanced flat sound.

So it doesn’t really matter what genre of music you’re listening to. For All genres of music, these really performed well. I haven’t really found any weak points in its sound. So overall excellent Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Final Thoughts

I am highly impressed with the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro. I have seriously enjoyed the sound quality. These have been great so far, and this is an easy recommendation to buy.

Considering how competitive the under $100 True Wireless Earbuds market is this is an excellent addition. I’m thrilled that 1MORE brought out something this level of quality for a pretty decently low price.

Our Rating

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro

Overall 1MORE yet again impressed me with their sound characteristics and Sound Quality

Despite the older Bluetooth chipset These provide value in the other department. Even though it is slightly priced expensive. Their Brand name stands for it.

1More ComfoBuds Pro vs Soundpeats T2

1More ComfoBuds Pro vs Soundpeats T2

1More ComfoBuds Pro has much better Active Noise Canceling comparing to Soundpeats T2, Where 1More Provides more customization in ANC modes and performs much better than T2.

T2 is a bass head earbud and 1More is a more balanced sounding earbud. Comfobuds Pro sound has a richness and warmth to it and the sound signature works well with all kinds of music. 1More performs much better than T2 in terms of Sound and ANC.

Fiil T1 Pro vs 1More Comfobuds Pro

1More ComfoBuds Pro vs FIIL T1 Pro

1More ComfoBuds Pro has much better Active Noise Canceling than FIIL T1 Pro, ANC is the only Con i saw in FIIl T1 Pro for their price. 1More Comfobuds Pro is bit more expensive than the FIIL and performs better in ANC as well.

FIIl T1 Pro and 1More Comfobuds Pro goes neck to neck with the sounding performance. They have their own sound signature and both will satisfy any music lovers with a small tweak in the EQ. Depend on your preferred style and budget you can go for your go-to earbud. Both these earbuds will satisfy you. 

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