The Story Behind
EH No Cord

By Rifthy Rian

My name is Rifthy Rain. In my Daily search for a perfect product at the right budget gave me a boost to this Blog, I am a professional accountant. And, I cope with a serious Budget product search fever due to my lifestyle, You know what I mean 😀

Well searching for a perfect product exploded and as a hobby i started this blog . I learned how hard is to find a honest feedback or review in internet where all has been either affiliated or over hyped. This disappointment lead me to start this Blog to help others in finding the perfect audio equipment. I have tested around 25+ product over the last 8 month period.

What do I mean by Star Rating?

FIVE STARS Excellent choice for the money

4.5 STARS Great choice but still below the Five Stars in terms of price versus quality ratio

FOUR STARSVery good 

THREE STARS Worth for the different better criteria, please consider your preference always and cons

TWO STARS Disappointing for me, it may vary with your preference, but most ones are disappointing goods

ONE STAR Avoid at any cost

How do Irate 1-5 star rating?

It depends on my personal taste and preference, person to person it may vary still most of the general audience falls into the same taste, So I hope we all fall into the same bucket

The overall rating comes as an average from the criteria ratings and mostly it may have some variation due to giving more weight to  one criterion like Sound or ANC


Will you do a review on request?

Depends on the product and its availability, we definitely like to explore more. Drop your request in the contact form