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Design and Build










Noise Canceling





  • Rich natural sounding sound signature
  • New Design
  • Earfun App
  • Better ANC
  • Pricing


  • Lack of Control Customization
  • No Qualcomm Chip

I’ve checked out many Earfun products, and I’m really happy to have come to know this company and review their products because they never really seem to disappoint even after so many releases.

I think this is a good example of a company with very few products and all of their products perform really well.

Here we’re checking out their latest earbuds the Air Pro SV and every year Earfun comes up with the new Air Pro model starting from 2020, with the Air pro 2021 with the Air pro 2 and now 2022 with the Air Pro SV.

The Air Pro SV will retail for around $90 which is typical to the Air Pro series of earbuds where the original Air Pro and the Air Pro 2 both come in at $80

The design this time sees a drastic change and this kind of has a unique look to them and I think they are pretty cool holding it in my hands.

The case feels really small and tiny very solidly built the top lid here is made of an aluminum finish, so you get that nice metal look and the cold touch to the case.

The metal lid has a gun metal gray color, but the bottom plastic shell is a slightly bluish gray color I hope they were the same color.

But this kind of works as well so the top of the case you’re going to get a subtle Earfun logo which is very stealthy, and I absolutely love the look here and the center of the case is hollow.

So, you can see what’s going on inside here and what it does is that it lets the stem of the earbuds come through the case giving it a very unique look.

Another unique thing I see here is the charging port, this time round Earfun puts the Type-C at the front of the of the case opposed to the traditional parts which are usually at the back of the case.

And what you get at the top is also an led indicator to tell you the battery percentage of the case so speaking of that the battery percentage of the case is very easy to tell.

If you have green means that you have more than 30% battery, Orange means less than 30%.

The bottom of the case here is pretty plain but it hides a wireless charging coil inside so that you can conveniently charge up the case.

Opening up the lid feels absolutely amazing and to be honest this is one of the very few earbuds with a very well-designed lid really feels super solid and firm very nicely weighted and it snaps into place very easily and stays in place for you to access your earbuds. 

Inside the lid you can see a gloss plastic finish even the plastic lining in the interior of the lid is nicely made so it adds an extra classy look to the case, so the earbuds here look really nice as well and although the stem is made of plastic the squarish look does give the earbuds a nice kind of feel.

Everything about this earbud is also as the typical Airpods pro kind of shape so it fits in the ears very well.

My only issue with these earbuds is that the stem is shaped like a triangle and it’s sometimes very hard to orientate to wear this in your ears because you’re more used to the squarish kind of design or rounded design, so you definitely need to get some getting used to with this and that’s the only one thing that i kind of feel that is odd.

Design and Build

Earfun Air Pro SV Features

In terms of the features pretty decent here and earphone gives you a Bluetooth 5.2 chipset with support for both AAC and SBC codec.

There is no flagship Qualcomm chipset here but for what it sets out to do it’s definitely getting the job done.

The earbuds here also come with ipx5 water resistant rating so you shouldn’t worry about them if you get caught in the rain.

Just don’t submerge them into water and you should be fine. The earbuds also come support with seamless left and right playback so you will be able to use this earbud single-sided and the transition is also very seamless.

Using the earbuds in stereo or mono mode is very enjoyable.

Finally, there is also no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds


Earfun Air Pro SV Battery

The battery life here is not as good as the Air pro 2 and it’s not the longest lasting ANC earbuds in my opinion so having it on ANC on this shortened the battery quite a bit.

I know the size of the earbuds is very small but having more battery life would really help with the proposition of these earbuds, without ANC you’re going to get about 6 hours and 18 additional hours with the case and with ANC on you’re going to get about 4 and a 1/2 hours and 13 and a 1/2 hours.

With the case so charging the earbuds up takes one hour and two hours for the case but earfun also gives you a quick charging.

10 minutes of charging gives you two hours of playback time.


Earfun Air Pro SV ANC

The Active Noise Cancellation of the Air Pro SV definitely feels like an improvement from the Free pro 2 as well as the Air pro-2.

It still uses the same quiet smart 2.0 hybrid ANC technology and meaning you’re going to get mics listening to the external noises as well as the internal ear canal noises and cancel out noises as best as it could.

Earfun rates this at minus 40dB which is pretty impressive, and I think that they are pretty much there as well 

The Air pro SV improves in all three categories compared to the Air Pro 2 including the low humming noise, road noise as well as airplane cabin noises I think all of them did very well and managed to cut out a lot of these noises with music playing everything really does go away very impressive.

Human talking is also cancelled out very effectively and especially with if it’s a noisy crowded area those frequencies kind of just bunch all the bunch up together and are cancelled out pretty effectively.

Still slightly audible but not loud at all and you definitely cannot tell what people are saying and with music playing everything just disappears.

Ambient sound control is very very nice where it amplifies your environment like about 20% so you get a slight superhuman feeling when using ambient mode with music playing around 30% volume you can still converse but any louder you need to take the earbuds out of your ears in order to talk to someone.

Finally, wind noise is also the strong suit of most Earfun latest year but since they have special wind algorithms to cut those noises and in my tests these work as advertised and I’m pretty impressed with them.



This is the first time that Earfun actually has an app and I think they really listen to their customers we have so many people asking that when Earfun is going to come up with an app and it finally did.

The Earfun Air Pro SV is the first earbuds that is going to get app support and hopefully subsequent down the road.

All of their earbuds will get app support so the first page here you’re going to see all the listings of your earbuds so in this case we can also see the battery percentage of the earbuds which is very convenient right at the front.

if you click inside you get some animation there and at the bottom here you get to choose between the different ANC modes, so you get noise cancelling you get ambient sound you get normal all of those are pretty standard stuff.

At the bottom you get to toggle between gaming mode or go music mode and at the bottom you get product tutorial as well as your equalizer.

If we go into equalizer app allows you to choose between the four different presets at the bottom but if you want something a little bit different you like to play around with it, you can actually drag this tree band EQ right over here so you can just tune it to whatever sounds best for you.

You can just use that and if you click on the top right you can go into the settings and inside there’s pretty standard stuff.

Nothing too special right over here but what you get special here is that you get to choose between your customized controls.

If you click into customize controls, you can actually choose from your left and right earbuds and whether or not you want to remap them.

what you get to remap is the triple tap as well as a long press. Not very cool and comprehensive I hope that you know we can actually choose every single control like single tap double tap and so on so forth but nevertheless it’s still a very comprehensive and easy to use app.

And of course, if you have new firmware updates you can also do it through the phone here itself so that’s very convenient and that’s basically all of the things that you get with the new Earfun App.

I think that they did it really well this time and it incorporates most of the features that people will use so definitely very excited to see Earfun succeed with this. 

Earfun Air Pro SV Sound Quality

Volume wise the air pro SV is not a linear volume earbud meaning you’re gonna get very small incremental volume, increases until somewhat past the 60% mark then it starts to get exponentially loud so a comfortable listening volume for me is actually around 50% range.

That’s actually quite high anything before 50% is pretty decent but very soft. However, passing the 60% you can see from 50 to 60 is quite a very small jump but then everything suddenly escalates really quickly, and it gets relaxed quickly.

For me 70% is already plenty loud and anything beyond that is too loud for me so although it starts to sound decent around the midway point the earbuds does salvage it and it gets pretty loud from there on.

Some signature on this earbud sounds polished just like most Earfun’s earbuds and I think that they kept it very consistent with their sound signature especially when you compare from one earbud to another, they all sound consistently good.

Earfun earbuds out of the box are very balanced and are not biased or tinted with any specific boosts in single frequencies so you will get a good bass rsponse but not deep bass.

Bass here is decently powerful if you if you don’t adjust the EQ and has a clean and nice punchy feeling vocals in the mid-range are also controlled very well so when listening to powerful female or male vocals they are projected really well and sound exactly how they are intended to sound. 

Highs here is also really good with good crispy highs that are not annoying at higher volumes.

Overall, they are very well controlled and I’m really happy with the sound signature of the Air Pro SV.

Sound Qualtiy


Eardun claims an 80ms gaming mode and i think that it is pretty spot-on. Gaming performance here is not absolutely lack free; a tiny lag is detectable but it’s still pretty much around the realm of 80 to 100 ms.

In real time they still feel pretty snappy with not much issues with gaming movies and videos.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think either earbuds you get from Earfun is really good no doubt about that and whether you want their latest SV model or you want to get the older Air Pro 2 or Free Pro 2.

They are all highly rated. If you want to find out more about them and definitely check the early bird release of the Earfun there will be a discount going on and you’re going to get a very good deal with these earbuds.

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Our Rating

Earfun Air Pro SV

Overall, I think either earbuds you get from Earfun is really good no doubt about that and whether you want their latest SV model or you want to get the older Air Pro 2 or Free Pro 2.

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