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Design and Build













  • Better design than Air Pro
  • Latest Features
  • Good Controls Options


  • Battery capacity lesser than Air Pro
  • No Apt-X

Earfun isn’t a company that comes up with many earbuds, but they don’t disappoint their fans every time they do. We have yet to find one earbuds from them that doesn’t perform In this article we’re taking a look at an updated version of their highly acclaimed Earfun Air Pro and to see if they can fill the shoes of their older brother.

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The overall design of the Earfun Air Pro 2 honestly has pretty similar vibes to the Earfun Air Pro or the Edifier NB2 Pro series of earbuds.

There are some notable changes here and there so the top of the case you get the Earfun logo there nice and stealthy kind of like embossed into the case. That Logo gives the earbuds a nice classy look.

The case here similarly using the same plastic matte black material. I think they get micro scratches easily so you need to protect them well in the back of the case.

You get a Type-C charging port and when you plug them in you get a raid pulsing LED to indicate that the earbuds are charging.

LED at the front also tells you the battery percentage of the case so green means you have more than 30% of battery.

Orange means less than 30%.

Red means less than 10% and flashing rate means less than 5% so one of the upgrades from the original Air Pro includes a wireless charging capability.

Now you can pop it onto any Qi certified wireless charger and it will charge up your earbuds.

The case’s lid is also very solid and firm and opening it you get a nice snap at the end of the stroke to hold the lid up. That it doesn’t slam shut on you and you can access your earbuds.

This time around the earbuds is designed slightly different than the Air Pro which the Air Pro represents a lot like the NB2 series of earbuds.

The Earfun Air Pro 2 has its own unique design and you’re getting the super ergonomic shape as well.

They still fit very nicely in my ears so they look more like the original Earfun Air.

Honestly build quality wise this feels very solid. At the front here you get a nice gloss black finish with very subtle LED action on the stem and goes away immediately after you connect it to your device.

At the bottom here you also get the Earfun logo they’re very stealthy very hard to notice but it’s there and it adds a very nice touch to it.

On the tip itself you’re gonna get the same Airpods Pro style ear tips. Hence, these are definitely very comfortable and you’re also getting that signature orange tip that Earfun uses.

Similar to the Earfun Air series you’ll also be getting in-ear sensors here for all your play or pause convenience.

Design and Build

Earfun Air Pro 2 Features

Earfun keeps up to date with the trend and now puts in a Bluetooth 5.2 chipset with AAC and SBC audio codec.

They’re running airoha chipset here so you’re not getting aptX support since there’s no qualcomm chipset.

The earbuds also come with an ipx5 water resistant rating, so you’re going to get sweat splash and light rain resistant. With these earbuds you don’t have to worry about getting them wet.

The earbuds also have independent left and right playback so you’ll be able to use either side at any time.

Since they have an in-ear sensor taking out the earbuds from the ears will temporarily pause the music.

Finally, there’s no multi-point connectivity on this earbud


Earfun Air Pro 2 Battery

Battery life is one part where the original Air Pro did slightly better. I suspect it’s the stem design where the stem design here doesn’t quite fit such a big battery.

You’re naturally getting a shorter play time so with ANC on you get about 6 hours plus 24 hours with the case and the original Air Pro gets 7 hours plus 25 hours of play time.

Slightly better with ANC off you get 7 hours plus 27 hours with the case and the Air Pro gets 9 hours plus 32 hours.

This additional 2 hours is actually quite significant and charging the earbuds takes about one hour and two hours for the case.


Earfun Air Pro 2 Controls

you’re going to get a full set of controls with the Air Pro 2 and i think they really dig it quite well here.

To increase the volume tap ones on your right earbuds, it will slowly increase your volume and decrease your volume tap once on the left earbuds.

To play a false media pick a phone call tap twice on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your music very quite sensitive there.

And to skip forwards tap three times on the right earbuds and to skip backwards tap three times on the left earbuds.

To call your assistant tap and hold for two seconds on the right earbuds and it will pause your media and pull out your assistant.

Finally, tap and hold for two seconds on the left earbuds to to toggle between ANC, ambient mode, and Normal mode. This is a very complete set of controls with the Earfun Air Pro 2.


Earfun Air Pro 2 Sound Quality

Some signature on these earbuds are very balanced and it brings out each note really nicely.

These earbuds excel more towards the lower end notes, based on these feels full and strong giving you good dynamism when listening to music but they don’t have such a powerful sub bass.

That’s a given granted that these only comes with a 10 mm titanium composite driver.

Mids and vocals on these are amazing and sounds very present and forward giving you a very nice experience when listening to both male or female vocals.

Any deep vocals especially man vocals will sound exceptionally nice on these earbuds giving you great reproduction of the vibration in their voices.

Female vocals are exceptionally impressive with these earbuds. Powerful composed and not messy at all.

The Air Pro 2 is definitely a great sounding earbud and the titanium driver definitely works wonder.

Sound Qualtiy


Active Noise Cancelation on the Air Pro 2 is decently strong. Most of the tests did pretty well in managing external noises, Road noise and constant low harming noises.

These earbuds do a good job at cutting most of them out and with music playing you generally cannot hear any of them.

The airplane camping noise it fed pretty well and managed to reduce the volume about 60%. That made quite a significant impression on the overall ANC quality.

With music it will wipe out all the background noise. Wind noise control is also very good and I don’t detect any buffering even with my fan blasting at it and the ambient sound on these are really good.

Actually amplifies the environment noise slightly to give you a better surrounding perception, but do note that if you have loud music, you still can’t make out what others are saying.

Overall i’m going to give these earbuds a 7.5 out of 10 for ANC performance.



Latency here is not bad for a Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds and for games like PUBG in real time.

You’re not going to get terrible latency with these and it’s very enjoyable, so slowing the clip down you definitely see some delays, but that’s expected with any Bluetooth earbuds.

Final Thoughts

Earfun Air Pro 2 headphones really are the best earbuds you can get for $56. I must admit, I was totally blown away by the sound quality and comfort, considering the price point.

If you want the best value in ear buds this year, these are it. They sound great, they’re comfortable, and they cost a fraction of what anyone else is charging for something this good.

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Our Rating

Earfun Air Pro 2

Introducing the newest Earfun air pro 2. Many improvements over our previous model. The new air pro 2 delivers a seamless low frequency bass. Also enhanced sound for phone calls, wireless connection and small hit in battery life

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