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  • Good Sound
  • Good battery life
  • Worth for the price


  • Bluetooth 5.0

So far, whenever we review any Soundcore products, we’re always left with a question how did they manage to give this quality at this low price?  All Soundcore earbuds are always built with quality in mind, and most of their products feel and sound so polished.

After checking out their Liberty Air 2 Pro, we’re looking at the latest version of the ANC earbuds and seeing if they are any good.

Soundcore Life P3 is a lot cheaper than the Air 2 Pro. I think these earbuds are totally justified for their price around $70, and maybe it’s the one you should consider if you are on a tight budget.

The Soundcore Life P3 is designed in a different style than the A2 NC and resembles more of the Liberty Air 2 Pro, but instead of the slide-up lid, it comes in a clamshell design. The case is very simple, with all the quality that you expect from Soundcore.

The plastic hut case is nice and high quality, not your standard cheap plastic. At the top, you get the nice Soundcore logo finished in a reflective color matching your case color. The Soundcore P3 is a very fun earbud and comes in five different colors to choose from. The case feels dense and has some weight to it, giving a very nice solid feeling overall.

At the back of the case, you get a Type-C charging port to top up the case, and at the front, you see three led indicators that tell you the battery percentage of the case. Very simple and convenient, and no need to guessing how much battery you have left for the case.

At the bottom of the case, you get a bunch of tacks and i quite like earbuds with tags like that make it feel legit. The base also hides a wireless charging coil so you can top up the case wirelessly.

The more expensive Liberty Air 2 Pro also gets wireless charging, but the Life A2 NC doesn’t have wireless charging. The flip-up lid used here is super firm with a very solid snap at the end of the stroke, so when you open it up, the hinge will properly hold the lid up so that you can access your earbuds.

You can see the hinge here feels really nice and bouncy. Inside, you also get a button; when you press it, you can see the battery percentage of the case, and it also acts as a button to reset your earbuds.

I like how Soundcore always provides you with the most high quality build and looking inside the lid itself.

You see a rubber piece there that is designed to protect your earbuds and push the earbuds down slightly so that it definitely touches the contact points for charging.

The shape of the earbuds that we have here is very AirPods pro style, very nice and comfortable. There are no in-ear sensors here, so if you want that, you definitely have to consider the more expensive Air 2 Pro.  

The stem this time is also simpler with only the Soundcore logo at the top without the wording, and it gives it a very nice clean look overall.

Design and Build

Soundcore Life P3 Features

The spec of the Life  P3 is sufficient enough for you to get through most of your listening scenarios and doesn’t get a Bluetooth 5.2 chipset like its big brother, the Liberty Air 2 Pro the Life P3 comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with support for AAC and SBC, so it’s good news for iPhone users.

Both the Life A2 NC and, the Life P3 come with ipx5 water resistance, which is an improvement over the ipx4 found only in the Liberty Air 2 Pro. That means you can get heavy sweat on it and run under the ring with it. It shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The earbuds also come with a seamless mono and stereo mode so you get to use both earbuds anytime taking it out from your ears and also doesn’t pause the media which is really nice.

Lastly there is no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds.

One more new thing here for the Life P3 is that you get fit tip test so inside here it will test whether your seal is good enough for the best audio quality and noise canceling.

So many people feel that they don’t get very good ANC performance that is possible because of the fitting.

There’s a couple of more features here, so the first one is touch tone so you can have feedback when you touch the earbuds.

You can also update your firmware if there’s a new one you can update it over the very cool. 


Soundcore Life P3 Battery

The battery life of all Soundcore products is pretty decent, especially for an ANC earbud. Hence, the Soundcore Life P3 gives you about 7 hours and 35 hours total with the case with ANC off, and with ANC on, you still get about 6 hours and 30 hours with the case.

This has similar capabilities with the Life A2 NC, but the case battery of the liberty air 2 pro is smaller. All of these earbuds have quick charging, and the P3 is the most impressive of all. 5 minutes of charging will give you about 3 hours of juice which is super amazing.

Lastly, it takes about 2 hours to charge up the earbuds and 3 hours to charge up the case.



There are a couple of things that you can set up here which is really nice so all the controls you see here are customized to my liking and how i like to use my earbuds.

The first one here is single tab and not many people like single tap control. Hence, soundcore gives you the control to turn on or off this feature which is super cool but for me i use the single tab as my volume control.

It’s convenient and for my double tap i use it to skip track so next track or previous track.

For my right i like to use next track and for my left i like previous track so that’s how you can re map some of your controls.

Hold for two seconds on the left side i’ll use it to toggle between my ambient sound and for the right side hold for two seconds and you can toggle between your voice assistant.


App Support

The Soundcore app is also really nice. The Life P3 Soundcore actually updated the interface here so you get very different controls compared to what you get with the Life A2 NC or Liberty Air 2 Pro.

so if you want gaming mode you have to come into the app and turn on gaming mode and if you notice once you press gaming mode the equalizer turns off as well because it will tune itself to give you the best possible latency so below that you also get the equalizer and here you get to choose between sound course signature

There’s a bass up features here or you can also go underneath here and choose from  20 different EQ settings to suit which one that you like. Once you click the bass up feature and go back you will also see bass booster.

if you like to play around with your own EQ settings. You can also go into custom and this is where you can drag your favorite type of EQ.

if you’re a more v-shaped person that you like the sound signature of a v-shape that’s what you can do. Still, personally i think the Soundcore signature with the bass boost feature is one of the nicest sounding ones.

One thing new with the Life P3 here is that if you click into superior sleep, this is very cool because you can wear the earbuds and use them as a sleeping earbuds.

the overall earbuds is pretty comfortable when sleeping it doesn’t juts out too much so you can lie on your side and it’s still pretty comfortable and the nice thing here.

 and you can do a mixture of rain sound, birch chipping, wind noise, chime forest and sound wave sound all this kind of thing and you can play them and it sounds really nice and relaxing.

You can also click on the countdown timer so it will also turn off once you fall asleep.

Soundcore Life P3 Sound Quality

I’ve always loved the sound signature of Soundcore and this time i’m again not disappointed especially with Soundcore own signature, EQ with bass up really hits the spot.

I usually like to listen to my earbuds with a flat EQ to see what the earbuds can actually pull out out of the box but with the sound core it’s just perfect with their signature EQ the bass on these are powerful with slight emphasis on the sub bass.

You get this amazingly deep rumble with these earbuds the mids are also very properly controlled here with vocals very present and forward without feeling it hiding behind instruments.

In this case these are not your traditional v-shaped earbuds but give you plenty of accurate clarity with vocals is also fantastic.

Even with the vocals and bass you can still hear the bright instruments and symbols in your music properly separated and projected.

Soundstage is also surprisingly good even though these are tiny earbuds very close earbuds. However, you can still hear a very small hint of audio coming from either your mid left or mid right not very far away but good enough to feel.

Sound Qualtiy

Active Noise Cancelation

My experience tells me that most ANC earbuds from Soundcore are super impressive, giving you just the right amount of Active Noise Cancelation  to get you throughout your day. Similar to the A2 NC and the Air 2 Pro, you will get three types of ANC.

Transport, Indoor and Outdoor The purpose of these modes is to try to cut out different frequencies as best as possible. The transport mode gives you the best performance for most ANC scenarios so you can usually just set it to that and forget about it.

It does a fantastic job with low humming noises and especially good with road noises or constant noises with the airplane.  It does fine and manages to cut off about 50%, so you can see a significant drop in volume even without playing any music.

Tests with high pitch chatters i think they are okay and if you don’t have any music playing you can definitely still hear what others are saying. But with music playing they’re mostly wiped out.

Ambient mode is also really good with these earbuds and if you use the vocal mode it still cuts out low humming noise by a bit and emphasizes the mid-range vocals.

Full transparency basically opens everything up so i’m going to rate the life P3 with a respectable 8 out of 10. The Liberty Air 2 Pro gets 8.5 and the Life A2 NC gets 7.5.

The first thing that you see here is ambient sound so if you go into ambient sound, there’s a couple of things here that you can adjust so you get the three modes under noise cancellation.Which is transport mode indoor mode or outdoor mode so all of it aims to cut off different frequencies.

You get the most compelling use case. The second one is transparency mode, so you can either go full transparent or only focus on vocal mode, which still has a little bit of ANC inside.

Lastly is normal mode so below that you also can toggle gaming mode so here you can just press on and off gaming mode. But it’s something you need to remember because every time you put the earbuds back into your case gaming mode is turned off.



Latency on the Soundcore P3 is good definitely sufficient for movies and videos without gaming mode.

It definitely feels a bit lagging behind, but it gets better after turning on gaming mode but not night and day.

If you focus hard enough you see the lag but plenty sufficient for casual gaming.

Final Thoughts

Honestly for the price everything is just right the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro was good but it’s a bit pricey for most people. 

I think they just hit the sweet spot with the P3 because it really just hits the nail and hit in every aspect.

Our Rating

Honestly for the price everything is just right the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro was good but it’s a bit pricey for most people. I think they just hit the sweet spot with the P3 because it really just hits the nail and hit in every aspect.

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