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Hey Lovely Peoples, I’m super excited to review these new Edifier NB2 Pro earbud from Edifier. Edifier TWS NB2  Earbuds was a truly spectacular pair of TWS Earbuds with good ANC performance at a mid-tier price.

We’re taking a look at an upgraded version of the Edifier True Wireless Earbuds NB2 and Edifier TWS NB and to see if this upgrade is what you need.

will they be any good? Lets get into the review of Edifier TWS NB2 pro.

Edifier usually loves coming out with Pro models which are upgraded version of their original launches just like the Edifier TWS1 Pro Wireless Earbuds.

The NB2 Pro is also a worthy upgrade from a design standpoint if you’re familiar with the original Edifier NB2 this one has no difference at all.

Frankly it’s the internals that Edifier is putting in all their upgrades. The case is still made of the same plastic shell with a very nice leather-like grain and the Edifier logo on top engraved nicely in a silver color which is very fitting for this case.

At the back of the case you’ll also be getting a USB Type-C charging port.

Although they don’t say this but i think they gave this type USB Type-C port an upgrade since it charges faster and has quick charge as well.

And next to that you get an led charging indicator and you can also use that same led indicator to check your case battery life.

so if you open the lid if the led blinks three times means you have more than 70 of battery life.

Two blinks means thirty to seventy percent (30% to 70%) and one blink means less than thirty percent (Less Than 30%).

So that makes out the entire external look of the case and opening the lid feels the same as before and you get the same smooth opening lid.

which feels very solid and also gets that same snap at the end of the stroke that holds the lid in place for you to access your earbuds.

Once you open the lid the earbuds turn on and start connecting to your device and inside you get the earbuds lying flat inside the case.

and everything from the design of the earbuds is exactly the same as the NB2.

You get the nice gun metal gray color stem very edgy looking and the Edifier logo at the bottom here.

At the top you’ll also be getting a very big area which also acts as the place where you tap all your touch controls and at the bottom, you’ll also be getting a very large cutout for the microphones.

So, the earbuds design gets the very same shape as the Airpods and you’ll still be getting the same intelligence in your sensor to help you auto play your pause when you remove the earbuds from your ears and apart from that everything else is pretty.

Design and Build

Edifier NB2 Pro : Battery

Standard in-ear style earbuds all in the exact same shell as the NB2 so the NB2 pro gets the exact same battery life as the NB2 as well.

NB2 Pro with Active Noise Cancellation on the earbuds will give you about seven hours of continuous playback time and the case gives a total of 18 hours extra of playback time.

When you turn off ANC you get about 9 hours of continuous playback time and a total of 23 hours more from the case.

The battery performance really depends on the volume level that you play your music in so the louder you play them the shorter the battery life.

The difference here like I’ve said is probably the charging port which is upgraded so charging the earbuds now only takes one hour compared to one and a half hours on the original NB2.

The earbuds also now comes with quick charge feature so 15 minutes of charging will get you about two hours of battery life



The NB2 Pro gets a slightly upgraded chipset, it still gets Bluetooth 5.0 but now supports AAC and SBC audio codec where the older NB2 did not support the AAC codec.

NB2 Pro still doesn’t get Bluetooth 5.2.

The Edifier NB2 Pro also gets the same ip54 dust and water-resistant rating and will give you very good protection from water splashes, sweat, and even rain.

Similarly, the earbuds also come with smart play or pause, which actually means that the earbuds come with in-ear sensors to detect if you’re wearing them and play your pause media automatically.

So you can also turn this off inside the app. The NB2 pro also supports a super seamless mono exterior switching mode and works flawlessly.

Edifier has been very consistent when it comes to making a seamless experience.

Lastly, these earbuds don’t support multi-point connectivity.

The NB2 Pro is no different when it comes to price to performance ratio, and you get the same performance as the original NB2.


Edifier NB2 Pro Active Noise Canceling

Maybe it’s an illusion but i kind of feel that the new Pro model has slightly better ANC performance. ANC performance impressive and competes very closely to flagships like Sony or Apple.

There’s a very good job with cutting constant hums and even chatters and inconsistent high pitched noises get knocked down pretty nicely.

The ambient mode of the earbuds is also super good and lets you control six levels of intensity in the app itself which is unseen in most budget mid-tier active noise canceling earbuds.

and so just to summarize if Bose manages around ninety percent of ANC the Edifier tws NB2 Pro and the Earfun Air Pro both also manages about eighty percent.

which in this case i’m gonna rate it to be as good as the Airpods pro and the Sony wf-1000 because it’s just so good.


Edifier NB2 Pro App

Edifier uses the edifier connect app. The app lets you control a couple of settings for your earbuds.

On the home page here, the first thing you see is your earbuds battery life, and at the bottom here, you’ll be able to control the ANC intensity.

On the right side, you get ambient sound. If you click on ambient sound, you get a slider here that lets you select between six different levels of ambient sound, which is pretty cool.

You don’t really see that in budget earbuds nowadays, and next to that, you’ll also be getting the noise cancellation feature which you get to toggle.

So, swiping to the right, you’ll be able to see the different sound effects of the new NB2 pro.

Here you get the selection between standard mode, Spatial audio, which is something like a 3D mode for movie watching, which is pretty nice.

Lastly, it’s gaming mode, but something you have to take note of is that every time you put the earbuds back into the case, it goes back to standard mode.

so you do have to change that up either using the controls on your earbuds or inside the app itself.

And if you click on the setting at the top, you get a couple more functions, and you have the user manual built into the app.

But unfortunately, this user manual is still in mandarin not too sure how to change that, but some other controls that you can adjust would include your headphone prompt.

You can select how loud you want the lady inside your earphone sound, whether louder or softer.

You’ll be able to toggle the different in-ear detection modes. You can either turn it off entirely or let it pause when you remove them but don’t do anything when you put them back.

So that’s something you can adjust you can also select the tap sensitivity of your earbuds whether you want it more sensitive or less sensitive. The rest are just some Bluetooth connectivity adjustments.

Another thing that I really wish that inside the app they would have is the ability to swap the controls.

I think that would be really nice, so that’s basically all of the things you get with the Edifier connect app.

Edifier NB2 Pro Sound Quality

Sound quality of the Edifier is simply amazing and no complaints here.

I’m truly happy with what they can offer out of the box.

They don’t provide you with an eq setting inside but honestly i don’t think you need it anyways so bass performance is powerful it’s punchy it’s deep which gives you a very satisfying thumb every time you listen to them.

Clarity, mids and highs are all very well controlled and don’t diminish even though the bass is strong.

there is also something called a panorama mode which is like a 3D movie mode with this new Edifier NB2 Pro.

In my experience it doesn’t open up or give you a surround sound like experience but the reason i classify it under sound quality is because it changes the tone and nature of your sound signature in panorama mode.

Everything seems to pop more the earbuds are louder the clarity is richer the bass is also deeper.

Watching movies on these are simply fantastic and when you get your hands on one definitely go to Youtube and check out some trailers like the Avengers i think that would be super awesome.


Call Quality

Edifier definitely have improved the NB2 Pro with the call quality and i feel absolute serenity.

When there is background sound playing well not to the point that you can’t hear anything but i’ll say it wiped out about 95 percent of background noise and the NB2 had a bit of mechanical harm when it came to cancelling the background noise.

But the new pro just takes it to a whole new level.

Call Quality


Gaming mode on the nv2 pro is also pretty solid and i think it comes with the same high performance you get with the original and NB2.

It’s not going to be as latency free as wired earbuds but for 80 milliseconds and casual gaming i think this does a pretty good job.

Edifier NB2 Pro Controls

Similar to the original NB2 you get basic controls but definitely not a full suite of control.

So to play your pause media pick up phone calls tap twice on your right earbuds and it will play or pause your media and to skip tracks forwards tap three times on your right side.

yes that’s the only side that you can skip forward, you can’t skip backwards with these earbuds and to swap between the ANC mode tap twice on the left earbuds and it will toggle you between a ANC on ambient mode and normal mode which is no anc.

lastly tap three times on the left side and it will toggle you between standard mode, panorama mode and gaming mode.

That’s all of the controls you get with the Edifier TWS NB2 pro



I really like these earbuds just go ahead and buy these if you’re looking for mid-tier ANC earbuds that sound good.

I think Edifier got it right with the NB2 pro

Our Rating

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro

i really like these earbuds just go ahead and buy these if you’re looking for mid-tier ANC earbuds that sounds good.

i think Edifier got it right with the NB2 pro and priced right around $80

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