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The Oneodio Focus A10 headphones have been gaining a lot of attention lately as a great budget option for noise cancelling headphones. I was excited to test them out and see if they live up to the hype. Here is my in-depth review after spending a week using the A10s as my daily headphones.

Quic View

The Oneodio Focus A10 headphones offer remarkable value at around $70-80 USD. With impressive sound quality, decent active noise canceling, and up to 50 hours of battery life, they excel for budget-conscious consumers.

Although the plastic build and some sound leakage are minor drawbacks, their comfort and convenience make them an excellent choice for travel and daily use. These headphones punch above their weight class and provide a compelling option for those seeking affordability without compromising on essential features.


  • Great comfort for long listening sessions
  • Warm, enjoyable sound with good bass
  • Active noise cancelling helps block ambient noise
  • Equalizer lets you customize the sound
  • Up to 50 hours of battery life per charge
  • Foldable design and included carry case
  • Good value for money


  • Plastic build feels a bit cheap
  • Noise cancelling still lets some sound through
  • Treble detailing falls short of more premium brands
  • Call quality struggles in very loud environments
  • Lack more premium materials like leather or metal

Unboxing and First Impressions

Opening up the box, I was happy to see the A10s come with a decent selection of accessories. You get a hard shell carrying case, a USB-C charging cable, and an auxiliary cable.

The case is slim and compact, perfect for throwing in your bag when traveling. No more worries about your headphones getting crushed at the bottom of your luggage.

Upon first handling the headphones, I was impressed by the design and build quality, especially considering the price point. The combination of black and metallic blue plastic gives them a premium look that belies their budget price.

The headband is steel-reinforced and feels very sturdy. The earcups have quality padding and can lay completely flat. This allows them to easily rest around your neck when not in use.

Trying them on, I immediately noticed how comfortable the earcups are. The soft memory foam meant my ears fit inside without any rubbing or pinching. The clamping force is gentle and distributed nicely by the headband padding.

Overall, my first impressions were very positive. The A10s look great, feel well-built, and are super comfortable right off the bat.

Features and Controls

The control scheme on the A10s is straightforward but has everything you need.

The left earcup houses the ANC button to toggle between active noise cancelling and transparency mode. A voice prompt lets you know which mode you have activated.

Volume up/down and track skip buttons are on the right earcup. The center multifunction button controls playback, calls, power, and Bluetooth pairing.

Having physical buttons means you can control everything without taking out your phone, very convenient.

Other notable features include high-resolution audio support, a microphone for calls and voice assistants, fast charging via USB-C, and up to 50 hours of battery life. That’s enough juice for even the longest of flights.

Sound Quality

Let’s get into the most important aspect of any headphone – the sound quality. I was skeptical whether these budget cans could deliver, but Oneodio has tuned them very well.

The bass has a satisfying thump to it without muddying up the mids or sounding boomy. Many headphones at this price have overzealous bass that ruins the overall balance.

Vocals and instruments in the midrange are clear and full. The highs have good detail without getting harsh. Don’t expect perfection at this price, but the A10s sound pleasing to my ears.

Imaging is also decent, with the ability to pick out different instruments in space instead of everything sounding smushed together.

I’d describe the sound signature as slightly warm while still having enough sparkle up top. They work well for a variety of music genres.

Could the sound quality compete with $300 headphones? Of course not. But at under $100, the A10s are impressive. Oneodio did a great job voicing these for an immersive listening experience.

Noise Cancelling Performance

Noise cancelling tech has trickled down from expensive headphones to budget models. How does it hold up on the A10s?

To test it out, I tried them in a few noisy environments. On the train, they blocked out about half of the engine rumble and whirring – decent for the price. In a busy cafe, nearby chatter faded into the background. Overall, it won’t silence the world like Bose ANC, but it takes the edge off.

Transparency mode lets in your surroundings so you can have conversations. My voice sounded natural, not like I was talking inside a fishbowl. Nice addition for awareness when out and about.

For budget ANC, the A10s are about as good as I could hope for. The noise cancelling alone makes them worthwhile if you take public transportation or work in a noisy office.

Microphone Quality

Making calls is often overlooked in headphone reviews, so I made sure to test the mic. Voice came through clearly in quiet areas without any hissing or tin-ness.

With moderate background noise, my voice was still intelligible. Only in very loud environments did it start to sound muffled and choppy.

The microphone performs admirably overall. Making the occasional call in them wouldn’t be an issue. I probably wouldn’t use them for long conversations or recordings though.


I’ve already touched on comfort, but it’s such an important factor for over-ear headphones that it deserves more discussion.

The A10s don’t clamp too hard on your head. The pressure stays gentle and distributed thanks to quality padding. I never felt fatigued wearing them, even after a full workday.

The earcups stay cool over long listening sessions. Faux leather can heat up your ears, but these are breathable enough to avoid that. Moisture-wicking fabric on the headband is a nice touch too.

At 295 grams, the A10s are feather-light compared to some bulky noise-cancelling headphones. I barely felt them on my head even when wearing for hours on end.

Anyone with large ears should find the spacious earcups comfortable. They easily fit my big ears without rubbing. However, smaller ears might have a looser fit.

Overall, the exceptional comfort provided by the A10s is a huge plus, especially at this price. They’ll work great for travel, commuting, or marathon listening sessions.

Design and Portability

In terms of aesthetics, Oneodio made the A10s look more premium than their cost suggests. While not the most stylish headphones, I appreciate the subtle design flourishes.

The metallic blue plastic has an eye-catching shimmer. When combined with the black, it creates a sleek two-tone style. The radial vinyl pattern on the earcups is another welcome touch.

Build quality feels sturdy, with metal used for the headband. The joints have a satisfying snap when rotating the earcups. My only gripe is that the matte plastic is prone to fingerprints.

For travel, the folding design and included carry case are excellent. Just fold them up, slip them into the hard case, and toss in your luggage worry-free. They’ll take up minimal space too.

At home, the flat folding is wonderful. Collapse the A10s and let them chill around your neck. Easy access for when you feel like jamming out again.

While not the most premium, high-fashion cans out there, the A10s still score points for their subtle style and travel-friendly design.

Connectivity and Battery Life

In the wireless department, Oneodio outfitted the A10s with the latest tech. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection and multi-point pairing. The range is solid, able to work anywhere in my small apartment.

Battery life is downright epic. At 50 hours of playback per charge, these can last over a week with normal use. Turn on noise cancelling and you still get 40 hours. For travel, that’s plenty of juice.

Charging only takes 1.5 hours too. Even 15 minutes can yield around 5 hours of listening time in a pinch. The USB-C port means you likely have a compatible charger on hand.

Connectivity is rock-solid overall. Stable wireless, marathon battery life, and fast charging – what more could you want? These are travel headphones through and through.


At around $70-80 USD, the Oneodio A10s are a steal. You get stylish design, good sound quality, decent ANC, long battery life, and great comfort. They compete with more expensive options from Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, and others.

For shoppers on a budget, you’ll have a hard time finding a better noise-cancelling headphone at this price point. Oneodio packed a lot of value into the A10s.

Sure, the plastic build and lack of premium materials shows their budget nature. But for most travelers and commuters, the A10s have everything that’s needed. I can easily overlook the corners cut at this price.

If you want audiophile sound quality, go with pricier headphones. If you want budget noise cancelling with great comfort, the Oneodio A10s are a phenomenal option.


  • Excellent sound quality from a compact portable speaker
  • Impressive volume and bass from its size
  • IPX7 rating makes it fully waterproof
  • Easy to pair and connect via Bluetooth
  • Great wireless performance and range
  • Portable and lightweight cylindrical design
  • Rubberized end caps help minimize vibration
  • Can charge devices with its USB-out port
  • Fairly affordable price point


  • Battery life capped at around 10 hours
  • Tactile buttons lack responsiveness
  • No wired aux input option
  • Microphone sound quality is just average
  • Lack of track control buttons is disappointing
  • No speakerphone for multiline calls
  • Plastic build isn’t as luxe or sturdy as metal/aluminum

Final Verdict

After using the Oneodio Focus A10 headphones extensively, I believe they fully live up to the hype. For less than $100, you get impressive sound, decent ANC, marathon battery life, and sublime comfort.

Are there compromises at this price? Of course – budget headphones can’t do everything. But Oneodio nailed the features that matter most. For travelers and commuters, the A10s hit a sweet spot.

From the accessories to controls to connectivity, they just work. No fuss or extra settings to deal with. Pair them with your phone and zone out.

For those seeking great noise-cancelling headphones without breaking the bank, the Oneodio A10s are easily recommended. They punch far above their weight class.

So relax, put on your new A10s, and enjoy that upcoming flight or train ride in peace. Just try not to annoy your fellow passengers when you start busting out those weird neck dance moves. Hey, I can’t promise the sick beats won’t take control of your body too!

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