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After getting my hands on the new Earfun Free Pro 3 earbuds early, I just had to share my thoughts in an in-depth review. As a tech enthusiast and avid listener, I was eager to test out Earfun’s latest release touting advanced codecs, customizable controls, and hybrid ANC.

Keep reading to see how these bass-heavy buds with a customizable EQ held up in real-world use across multiple devices. I’ll break down the features, audio quality, battery life, comfort and more while comparing them to popular competitors.

Overview: Packed With Features at a Budget Price

Right out of the box, the Earfun Free Pro 3 impress with their tiny size, pearl white color scheme, and features that compete with earbuds double the price.

The spec list is impressive:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 – Fast pairing and rock-solid connections
  • aptX Adaptive codec – Android users get better sound quality
  • 7.5 hour battery life (ANC off) – Enough for all day listening
  • Wireless charging case – Drop them in the case for easy charging
  • IPX5 sweat resistance – Good enough for workouts and walks in the rain

Considering these retail around $80 depending on sales, they pack some seriously advanced tech into an affordable package.

But specs only tell part of the story. Keep reading to see how they held up once I started using them daily across multiple devices.

Unboxing: A Charging Case Packed With Eartips

Earfun Free Pro 3 Review

Cracking open the matte white box revealed the pearlescent charging case and earbuds tucked safely inside.

Earfun includes a total of 7 pairs of silicone eartips in various sizes along with a set of memory foam tips. Having options is crucial to getting a proper in-ear seal for sound quality and comfort.

A short USB-C charging cable rounds out the accessories.

The pill-shaped case has an attractive pearlescent finish that resists fingerprints. A row of LEDs on the front display charge status when opened, and the lid opens and closes with a satisfying click.

Overall, the unboxing experience matches what you’d expect from more expensive earbuds. It’s clear Earfun put thought into the entire package.

Easy Setup With Bluetooth 5.3

Setting up the Earfun Free Pro 3 is a breeze thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 and quick pairing.

After popping open the lid, I was prompted to pair on both my Pixel Fold and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Multipoint connectivity makes it easy to use them with two devices at once.

The earbuds connect quickly every time I take them out of the case, and I haven’t experienced any dropouts or disconnections during use.

Bluetooth range is impressive at over 30 feet through walls and floors. Leave your phone upstairs while you grab a snack from the kitchen downstairs without missing a beat.

So far the wireless performance has been flawless, which is expected from such a modern Bluetooth chipset.

Finding the Perfect Fit For All Day Comfort

Finding the right eartips for a secure and comfortable fit took some trial and error. I have large ear canals, so the included medium and small silicone tips weren’t quite right.

After testing the different sizes, I found the best seal and comfort using Spinfit CP100 tips. These have thinner silicone stems that fit my ears better than the stock tips.

The result is an almost custom in-ear monitor feel that blocks out external noise. I’m able to wear the Free Pro 3 for hours without fatigue.

Pro tip: Take the time to test all the eartip sizes and styles (silicone and foam). It makes a huge difference in sound quality and comfort.

Smart Touch Controls You Can Customize

Instead of physical buttons, the Earfun Free Pro 3 have touch-sensitive panels on each earbud stem. You can customize the controls for single/double/triple taps and long presses.

After playing around in the Earfun app, I mapped my controls as follows:

  • Left:
    • 1x tap: Volume down
    • 2x tap: Track back
    • 3x tap: Transparency mode
    • Long press: Voice assistant
  • Right:
    • 1x tap: Volume up
    • 2x tap: Play/pause
    • 3x tap: Next track
    • Long press: ANC modes

Having this level of customization is awesome compared to most earbuds. I can control music, volume, and noise modes without reaching for my phone.

The touch sensitivity is great. Commands register even with just a light tap. Plus you can disable any controls you don’t want.

Good Companion App With EQ and Gaming Mode

While not required, the Earfun app unlocks handy features like:

  • Customizable EQ – I like to boost the mids and tame the treble
  • Gaming mode – Lowers latency for mobile gaming
  • Ambient sound mode – Lets in sounds from your environment
  • Find my earbuds – Rings an earbud if misplaced nearby

The app is well designed and makes it easy to tweak settings to your liking. I especially like creating a custom EQ profile.

Bonus: Firmware updates can be installed through the app to keep the earbuds up-to-date.

Battery Life That Goes the Distance

Earfun rates battery life at up to 7.5 hours per charge with ANC turned off. In my testing, I hit around 7 hours with volume at 75% using AAC codec.

That’s enough juice for even long listening sessions. The case carries an additional 2-3 charges for over 30 hours total.

I’ve been getting just under 6 hours per charge with ANC turned on. Still solid compared to the competition.

The case recharges quickly via USB-C or any Qi wireless charger. A 10 minute charge gives you another 2 hours if you’re in a pinch.

For budget earbuds, the Earfun Free Pro 3 have exceptional battery life that competes with more expensive models. I never worry about running out of juice.

Punchy Bass Response With Customizable Sound

Now let’s get into sound quality since that’s what matters most.

The Earfun Free Pro 3 have a lively V-shaped sound signature out of the box, with thumping bass and crisp treble. Mids are a bit recessed, so vocals don’t pop as much.

That powerful bass hits hard – these are definitely basshead approved! I can feel the thump in my chest with EDM and hip hop. There’s some real slam and impact without bloat.

Treble has good presence. Cymbals shimmer, higher guitar tones sing, and hi-hats have a pleasing attack. It’s energetic without being overly sharp or sibilant.

Mids are a touch laid back. Lower mids have enough body for male vocals, but female voices and guitars could use more presence. This is somewhat typical for V-shaped earbuds.

The brilliant thing is you can adjust the sound to your liking in the app. I boost the mids +2 dB which brings vocals forward and adds warmth.

Soundstage isn’t the widest, but there’s decent separation between instruments. The presentation remains intimate with a focus on beats and rhythm.

To sum up the sound in one word: Fun! The lively tuning sounds great with pop, hip hop, EDM, and rock. Just don’t expect a neutral reference listening experience.

Punching Above Its Weight With ANC & Transparency

Going in, I didn’t expect much from the budget ANC and transparency modes. But the Earfun Free Pro 3 exceeded my expectations here.

The hybrid ANC does a respectable job blocking out low rumbles like AC units and planes. It struggles more with voices and crowded rooms, but that’s expected at this price.

What ANC it does provide is welcome, taking the edge off background noise. I get some relief from noisy neighbors and traffic noise.

Transparency mode sounds pretty natural, letting in ambient sounds so I can chat or remain aware of surroundings. There’s a mild muffled quality, but it works well enough.

Bottom line: Both ANC and transparency are useful despite some limitations. Earfun squeezed a lot of value into these features.

How Do They Compare? Mini Shootout Results

To give some perspective on performance, I compared the Earfun Free Pro 3 to four popular competitors:

  • Soundcore Liberty 4 NC
  • Edifier TWS1 Pro 2
  • Sony WF-C700N
  • Soundpeats Mini Pro HS

Here are the results across the key metrics:

ModelANCTransparencyVolumeSound Quality

The Earfun Free Pro 3 measure up extremely well, winning sound quality and taking 2nd in loudness. That’s hugely impressive for under $100.

While they can’t match Sony’s industry-leading ANC, the audio and customization are much better than the WF-C700N. Overall, the Earfun are more enjoyable to listen to for long periods.

So if sound quality is your top priority, the Free Pro 3 stand out from the crowd in this price bracket.

Key Takeaways: My Final Impressions Earfun Free Pro 3 Review

After extensively testing the Earfun Free Pro 3, here are my key takeaways:

  • Advanced features like Bluetooth 5.3, wireless charging, app EQ make them feel upmarket
  • Touch controls are highly customizable unlike most competitors
  • 7+ hour battery life outlasts most true wireless earbuds
  • Bass-heavy V-shaped sound packs a punch; mids are a bit recessed
  • Respectable ANC and ambient modes for the price bracket
  • Fun lively sound that’s engaging with genres like pop, rock, and EDM
  • Top sound quality compared to rivals, can really compete above its class

Overall, the Earfun Free Pro 3 are an excellent value for under $100. They nail the fundamentals like battery life and sound while offering customizable controls and EQ.

Bassheads on a budget should shortlist these immediately. But even neutral listeners can sculpt a more balanced profile with the app.

For affordable earbuds packed with features that deliver joyful, dynamic audio, the Earfun Free Pro 3 earn my hearty recommendation. They have become my daily drivers for commuting, exercise, and video calls.

Earfun hits it out of the park once again! Excited to see what they have in store next.

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