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  • Improved ANC
  • Dual connectivity
  • Control Placement
  • Sound Quality
  • Accesories


  • Micro USB for Charging
  • No App Support
  • No IP Ratting

Hey Lovely Peoples, We’ve always been very impressed with what Tribit can deliver at a budget friendly price considering all the different ANC headphones out there cost four to five times the price. Today we’re taking a look at the latest offering of Tribit QuietPlus 78 ANC headphones and to see if this one is an improvement to the Tribit QuiePlus 50

Let’s jump into the Tribit QuietPlus 78 Review…

Tribit Quietplus 78

The Tribit quiet plus 78, I think this was a pretty impressive headphone for its price of about $60

The Tribit quiet plus 78 also comes with a hard carrying pouch, which is awesome and definitely a step up compared to the soft pouch of the 50. Holding the new headphones in my hand, it definitely feels a little bit weightier, and it has a very nice dense feeling.

Headphones’ material is the hard plastic type but has very high quality and smooth finish overall. If I am ever blindfolded and feel these headphones on my hands, I definitely cannot tell that these are a budget range of headphones. And You can feel that there should be quite a lot of technology inside these headphones. On the headphones’ sides, you get the nice Tribit branding there in a stealthy gloss black. And The entire plate at the side actually feels like it’s made of metal and surrounding nice silver chamfered finish so on the right headphone.

A stupid step back from the Tribit quiet plus 50 is you get a micro USB charging here. The band of the quiet plus 78 is also very sturdy, and even flexing it out to simulate that I have big hits, there are really no creaks or cracks, which is an indication that these are fantastically built headphones.

The cups of the headphones are also really soft not the memory foam type of cups but very comfortable foam, and the cups itself is not removable so you can’t swap them out if they are worn down.

in most headphones today

Design and Build
Tribit Quietplus 78
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Tribit quiet plus 78 : Controls and Connectivity

You get all the controls for your media control so starting from the top you get the volume up control which also acts as the skip forward button, if you hold on to it in the middle you get a multi-function button to play or pause your media or pick up phone calls and below that you get the volume down button and also to skip tracks backward.

Below you will find ANC toggle and ambient mode control so you can toggle between  ANC off low high as well as the ambient mode. Next to that, you get a 3.5mm jack so you can use your headphones even if the battery is dead

Ultimately the headphones take about 3 hours to fully charge from zero and although that seems like a long time the headphones provide you with 30 hours of continuous playback time. And even if you run out of juice you can still plug it into the 3.5mm cable and run them like traditional wired headphones but you’ll lose the ANC function

Controls and Connectivity


For a mid-range pair of ANC headphones, this is definitely very impressive so the quiet plus 78 gives you most of the modern features you come to expect from modern headphones the headphones feature a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset.

No Qualcomm mentioned here this time but the headphones do support both AAC as well as SBC audio codec. Similar to the Quietplus 50s I don’t see anywhere specifying that the headphones are IP rated so maybe try not to use this in places where you will get them wet but a little sweating won’t kill the headphones. 

Similar to the QuietPlus 50s the 78s also supports multi-point connectivity so you can connect the headphones up to two devices and you can seamlessly swap audio between them listening to music on your laptop and it’ll swap over automatically to your phone when you get a phone call so pretty awesome stuff there


Tribit quiet plus 78 : Sound

40mm dynamic driver definitely pumps out some impressive sound.

Based on these are tight and punchy but I think comparing it to QuietPlus 50 may not be as strong as QuietPlus 50. This on the other hand sounds a little bit more refined, sounds a lot more clarity and vocal controls are also really solid with no muffling or jumbling.

So far everything sounds nice and polished the sound stage is nice and wide on its headphone and does feel like the speakers are floating above your ears but since ANC headphones are all closed back. You don’t get that every pressure less feeling of open backs.

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Overall as a pair of mid-tier ANC headphones these really sound quite amazing


Tribit quiet plus 78 : Active Noise Cancelling

The ANC on the Tribit QuietPlus 78 is pretty decent for its price point, and the cups themselves do give you pretty good passive isolation and without any music playing, I would say it does a great job with lowering low harming noise. But does let some high pitch chatters in which is typical to most ANC headphones at this price point but you can’t quite compare this performance to what you get with Bose and Sony.

I noticed the Tribit Quietplus 50 tries to adjust the ANC a little when you move your hit about even tilting your head to a source of noise actually changes the signature of the ANC which is a little hit and miss for me on the 50. but the Tribit Quietplus 78 is very solid and stays strong even when moving.

You get variable ANC levels to adjust according to your needs and another advantage over the 50s, The addition of ambient mode which very subtly amplifies the surrounding sound but not overly unnatural so it’s a really nice additional feature to have on these headphones when using these headphones I would say it cuts off about 75% of ambient noise when at an ANC high and about 50% when in ANC low.

Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with what these can offer for their price.

The sound quality of the Tribit headphones always never disappoints.


Call Quality

Call quality on these headphones is also very impressive and generally gets your voice through in quiet and noisy environments.

Similar to the QuietPlus 50 I think the headphones don’t reduce ambient noise too much but your voice still comes through extremely clear.

Don’t expect a studio grade performance from these but these will fulfil your daily needs..

Call Quality


Overall I think these headphones are quite a step up from the Tribit QuietPlus 50.

The only funny downside is the micro USB on these headphones. Not the biggest problem for some people; if that doesn’t bother you, these are fantastic valued headphones for you.

Let us know what you think about this Tribit quiet plus 78 headphones, and Do you think it’s worth it over the other competitors from Anker?

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