Hey Lovely Peoples, We’re going to check out the Tozo NC9. This is a pair of Active Noise canceling true wireless earbuds from Tozo that retails around $60 and

right now on amazon they have a 20% coupon, so you can pick these up for $48 Insane Value for the money 

Now the first thing that I want to point out with these because I’m somebody that listens to a lot of different genres of music is the nc9 actually handled them all with no problem

Tozo NC9 Review

Tozo NC9 has Bluetooth 5.0, and although I would have liked them to have Apt-X playback. But they do have AAC and SBC codec.

Tozo NC9 comes with IPX6 Waterproof Protection. IPX6 Waterproof Nano-coating efficiently protects the earbuds from sweat or water, perfect for running, skiing, etc. (not for swimming)

I had no issue when it came to light splashes or having a little bit of sweat hit him but

Inside the box

These true wireless earbuds come with six sets of ear tips, so if you’re somebody that has a little bit of an issue finding the right fit, I don’t think you’ll have that problem.

They’ve included a USB type-c cable for our convenience.

Tozo NC9 Review

Tozo NC9 : Battery

Battery life is also very decent on these. The battery life on the Tozo NC9 earbuds themselves is around (8 hours) eight hours. With the charging case, you’re going to get about 24 hours total.

So with a pair that has Noise cancelling being able to squeeze out that much battery life is fantastic.

The charging case is pretty generic looking it does feel very solid you get the USB type-c input on the back, and then you have four indicator lights on the front so that you can kind of check how much battery life is left on the case



Now the first thing when I opened the lid to these is I noticed that it had a nice large flat surface on the ear buds and the important reason is these use touch controls so having that large surface means it’s pretty much going to register your touch every time

You’re not going to have to kind of feel around to see where that area is located

The controls I’m happy to say that the Tozo NC9 controls everything so you have your play pause skipping your tracks forward going backward.

It even allows you to switch between the Active Noise Canceling mode and the transparency mode on the left earbud just by a single tap.


Tozo NC9 : Mic and call Quality

I felt like the microphones on here are doing a pretty decent job. when it comes to phone calls

I think it does a pretty decent job of picking up my voice, although I do notice it has a little bit of a warmer tone to it

Call Quality

Tozo NC9 Sound Quality

The sound on these is incredible in fact, these are very comparable to the Sennheiser momentum earbuds, which are $300.

You can pick up for ($50) fifty dollars and the Sennheiser are around ($300) three hundred dollars. The sound is very comparable in fact one of the differences is that the Tozo‘s actually have more bass than the Sennheiser.

When it comes to bass there’s a lot of punch there’s a lot of rumble and at times it can even feel like you have that subwoofer type feel but it’s not destroying your mids and highs.

Mid still came through very nicely I felt like everything came through clear there’s a lot of details when it comes to vocals and the treble had a nice clean tone.

But it stayed away from sounding bright it really did focus on having a natural sound to it, which I just felt blended really well with the mids and lows and overall it’s just a very pleasing earbud to listen to

When it comes to the sound stage and the sound imaging again this is another area i feel like these excel in it had a very open feel to it so it kind of almost felt like you were in a concert hall where most earbuds at best.

I felt like these were slightly more open and then being able to tell where everything was coming from was no problem when it came to these

Sound Quality

Tozo NC9 Active Noise Canceling

Noise canceling that they have a hybrid noise canceling which basically means they’re using a mic on the outside. They’re also using a microphone that’s almost near the ear tip on the inside, and then they’re relying on the passive noise cancellation that the ear tips are doing on their own

The ambient mode on here is very nice does a really good job of picking up the sounds around you. It also allows you to carry on conversations without actually taking the earbuds out.

When it comes to the Noise canceling, although I feel like they do a pretty decent job and you definitely have to pull back your expectations with Noise canceling given the price.

It definitely doesn’t compete with Sony or the Sennheisers when it comes to Noise canceling.

But it’s still going to block out a good amount of low engine noises, low rumble type noises, but higher pitch sounds still seem to kind of come through, and it’s not really blocking that out.

You can use either the left or the right earbud separately


Final Thoughts

Overall i was very impressed with the sound characteristics of the Tozo NC9

When it comes to the cons I really only have two and they’re actually kind of minor I really would have liked to have seen the case just be a Qi wireless charging case

and that’s simply because this is a pair that i could see me using a lot and it just becomes very convenient to come in and drop your case on a wireless charging case

Outside of thes they’re a hell of a deal at under $60. i have no hesitation when it comes to recommending these if you’re somebody that just listens to a lot of different genres

These handle each one very well, tons of detail with nice punchy low end and it’s just an excellent sound overall.

Our Rating

Tozo NC9

Overall Tozo NC9 very impressed me with their sound characteristics 

Despite the older Bluetooth chipset and no wireless charging these have insane value at $50

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  1. I just received a pair of NC09s, and the case DOES have Wireless Charging. A Big Plus, especially considering the killer price I lucked into on Amazon ($34!)

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