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  • Great Sound
  • Great Battery
  • Good Controls Placement
  • Latest Technology for an affordable price


  • No App Support
  • No Wireless Charging
  • Okay Phone Call Experience

Hey Lovely Peoples, In this review we’re checking out the brand new Soundpeats Sonic True Wireless Earbuds Review. Every time we check out a Soundpeats True Wireless product, they always kind of prove that they can give you a lot for your money, and Soundpeats Sonic True Wireless earbuds pair honestly their most polished product overall.

It comes in at around $50. When we talk about the features mixed with the sound, you’ll see why the $50 price tag might be a steal for Soundpeats Sonic.

Let’s jump into the Soundpeats Sonic Review…

To start with the Soundpeats Sonic Review, these are a slightly different color; usually, Soundpeats products come in black this is a silver kind of mixed with rose gold. It doesn’t look as over the top with the rose gold as other products.

I usually think when a product goes overboard with rose gold, it tends to look girly, but these look very good. It just kind of has a different look altogether.

Now moving over to look at the earbuds, like I said, I think these have a more distinguished look than some of the other Soundpeats True Wireless earbuds product

I want to point out that the earbuds logo lights up once they’re turned on and when they’re in pairing mode. 

However, they do shut off whenever you’re playing any audio out of it, so you don’t have to worry if you’re using them in bed. That light will glow the whole room as long as you’re listening to something that light will not come on. I appreciate that they made that decision

Soundpeats Sonic True Wireless earbuds


As far as the technology that these come in with Bluetooth 5.2. They’re rocking a Qualcomm 3040 chip, and they have Apt-X adaptive now; this allows for high-res audio, and it cuts down on the latency.

These also have a game mode, which cuts down on the latency, and it also cuts down on having stutters or hiccups when it comes to the connection. This is a very solid stable connection.I haven’t experience any dropouts. 

They do also have AAC playback for guys that are using Apple devices, and improving the connection overall, it’s using the TWS mirroring so one earbud mirrors the other’s connection,

These do come in rated at IPX5, so this is not a completely waterproof pair, but it’ll be fine against rain splashes, or if you sweat heavily because from what I can tell on their site, this pair is more geared towards an active lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a pair for the gym, that IPX5 rating will definitely help.


Soundpeats Sonic : Controls

The controls on here are using button controls, and I’m happy to say that you have control over everything. These have play, pause skipping your tracks forward, going backward, and even volume control all on the earbuds themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, these do have a gaming mode so that you can control that from the earbud, and that cuts down on any lag if you’re going to be using these for gaming or movies.

That’s a plus but do know that will eat some of your battery life. Those who like to use your earbuds individually, you’ll be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right earbuds individually.

Another thing that they did right is when you’re using one earbud it switches over into mono mode so all of your audio will come out of that one earbud. It’s not going to feel like you’re missing anything from the other earbud

Soundpeats Sonic

Soundpeats Sonic : Sound

Let’s talk about the sound.

The sound on these is incredible, especially if you’re somebody that likes a dynamic sound and you’re somebody that enjoys hearing and feeling bass because these things are base cannons.

I haven’t heard bass presents like this out of a pair this inexpensive. The presence of bass is very booming, but the plus here is, it doesn’t drown anything else out because the mids have a nice natural tone to it. The treble is tuned to be pretty bright.

I think they did that on purpose because the bass is so overpowering. The treble is tuned up in a way that if you’re going to listen to these at higher volumes, sometimes it can seem a little too harsh.

This is fun as long as you’re not listening at max volume because it just has a nice balanced out sound with a bright treble, a boomy bass and mids never get lost in the mix, so it just sounded great with all genres

Obviously, Pop and Hip Hop more genres that are geared towards bass will sound best with this Soundpeats Sonic earbuds, but it didn’t get muddy with metal. It didn’t seem to get lost when it comes to more chaotic music, which is impressive not only because this is a boomy earbud.

Now, as far as the sound stage and the sound imaging, this is not the most open sounding earbud that I’ve heard. I still think it does a pretty good job with this, but I would say it makes you feel like you’re more into a medium to large size room.

I had no issues with being able to tell where instruments and where sounds were coming from.

This is really an impressive TWS earbud at this price point

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Soundpeats Sonic

Soundpeats Sonic : Battery

Battery life is hands down some of the best that I’ve seen on a pair of truly wireless earbuds because you’re getting around 15 hours on a single charge on the earbuds.

Now the case does give you two full charges, so you’re going to get around 45 hours total, and to me, I think that’s very good, the 15 hours on the earbud itself is very impressive.

The case is not a Qi wireless charging case. You have USB Type C input for charging on the back, and that’s the only way you can charge these.

Next to that, you have an indicator light, and that lets you know that you’re charging because, underneath the lid, you have another indicator light, which allows you to gauge how much battery life is left on the case.


Call Quality

Now, as far as the microphones on here, I think they did a decent job. They are using CBC technology; it’s trying to focus on your voice and block out your surroundings.

I do notice that my vocals sound a little bit muffled when on phone calls.

This is an okay pair of TWS Earbuds for a Phone call but not a great one to consider if you are looking solely for Phone Calls.

Call Quality


In conclusion, overall, this is an excellent pair to listen to now. As far as my cons with these, I really only have two,

I wish it had QI wireless charging, which is solely because it’s something that I’ve gotten used to.

My only other complaint is I think some people might want these to work with an app. You can EQ the app to pull down the bass if you are not a bass head.

I would not recommend these because they are booming earbuds. I think they’re geared towards using them for workouts and outdoors. That boomier base definitely comes into play.

Soundpeats sonic earbuds are excellent TWS Earbuds for their quoted price. 

Let me know your experience on this one

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