Soundpeats Mini Pro


Design and Build















  • Good upgrade
  • Okay ANC Performance
  • Budget Price


  • Lack in Control

we’re checking out the latest offering from Soundpeats and the original Soundpeats Mini that we’ve reviewed couple of months ago. The Mini Pro comes with a bigger build better specs and also ANC.

Let’s see if this earbuds are any good. The Soundpeats mini pro is priced at a slightly higher price than the original mini and comes in at about $60 but Soundpeats is running a one-week promotion from the day it was launched. We have created a list of Best wireless earbuds for running guide If you are a regular runner check these

You can get the Mini Pro model at about the same price as the original Mini at about $40.

The case of the Soundpeats Mini Pro is pretty similar to the original Mini but my biggest complaint about the mini was its scratchy plastic and the pro seems to have addressed that issue by adding a rubberized texture which feels really smooth and nice on the hands.

It wouldn’t scratch that easily so you’re going to get the same Soundpeats branding at the front with the same gray band around the middle of the case.

At the back you’re going to get a Type-c charging port to charge up the earbuds and this time it comes in a nice blue accent perhaps for slightly faster charging compared to the original Mini.

The LED at the front of the case also lights up at the same way so if it’s Green it’s about 50% to 100% battery, Yellow means 10% to 50% and red means you have less than 10% and it’s time to charge it up.

The lid situation here is also nice using a friction lid to hold the lid up. there’s unlimited number of angles that you can open this thing and only at the end it will slam shut.

Inside case you can see the upgraded lid as well where you can see a very clear distinction between the two layers here rather than a single thin plastic that we see on the original Mini.

In terms of the earbuds they are also slightly upgraded and you can see that now it’s a beefier design, larger in size and contains more technology inside.

But fortunately it still stays true to its Mini name and although the earbuds will stick out of your ears a little bit more it is still relatively small and should fit most average sized ears.

One thing that I feel at least this is personally to my own ears i feel that this design is a little bit harder to fit properly inside my ears.

I really do struggle to find the most comfortable feet for it and I also have to change up the ear tips. That’s something to take note of.

The design of the Soundpeats logo is also a little bit different and now has a slightly brighter silver color which adds on to the design element of the earbuds making it stand out a little bit more.

Finally you’re going to get a small LED light at the bottom of the earbuds here very unobtrusive and it does go away when you connect it to your phone.

Design and Build

Soundpeats Mini Pro Features

Comparing these earbuds to the original mini these earbuds are featured pack and I think Soundpeats finally listens to their customers and the Mini Pro is almost somewhat perfect.

The earbuds comes with a Qualcomm 3040 chipset with Bluetooth 5.2 that supports the Apt-x adaptive, AAC and SBC codec.

You’re going to get the entire range of Bluetooth codec to support your music listening needs.

The only thing that’s missing here are high-res codecs. The earbud still comes with the same decent ipx5 water resistant rating. You can use them in a gym get water splash on them even use them under light rain and these earbuds should survive pretty well.

With the Qualcomm chipset you’re going to get seamless left and right playback. You can pick out either side of the earbuds from the case and it will still work.

Lastly still no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds.


Soundpeats Mini Pro Battery

The earbud still retains its 7 hours of battery life compared to the original Mini but now comes with a 14 hours additional charge whereas the original gets 18 hours.

This is however without ANC on so with ANC you’re still going to get about 5 hours of battery life and about 10 additional hours with the case. Pretty decent but not the best that we’ve seen so far and the older mini was rated to charge up in three and a half hours not too sure why it’s so long which is super slow.

And with this new blue USB port charging takes one and a half hours.

In terms of its volume the mini pro is not the loudest earbuds, where comfortable listening volume for me is somewhere around 60%.

It does get louder but I can still listen to it without feeling too loud at about 90% if you like your earbuds loud these may not satisfy you.


Soundpeats Mini Pro Controls

Soundpeats always have a top notch controls however because of the ANC control the Mini Pro is now missing the skip backwards control which is very important slightly disappointing there.

To increase the volume tap once on the right side of the earbuds and it will slowly increase your volume and tap once on the left side and it will slowly decrease your volume.

To play or pause media or pick a phone call tap twice on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your media.

To skip tracks forward tap and hold on the right earbuds for about one and a half seconds and it will skip forward and then again it will skip forward.

You are missing the skip backwards feature here to toggle between the different ANC mode tap and hold about one and a half seconds on your left earbud and it will toggle between the different modes.

To activate your voice control triple tap on the right side earbuds and it will pause your media and call your assistant.

Finally triple tap on the left earbuds to enter or exit gaming mode. That’s pretty much all the controls you get with the soundpeats Mini Pro.


Active Noise Canceling

Let’s talk about the Active Noise Cancelation, I think it’s critical to find the best fit for any earbuds in order to get your ANC working properly and this is one problem that I have with the Soundpeats Mini Pro.

I honestly can’t seem to get them to fit properly in my ears and I ultimately had to change to the larger ear tapes and it took a little twisting and turning in order for me to get the good seal so the ANC here is commendable.

I wouldn’t say that they are fantastic ANC performance but for its price it’s pretty decent.

With road noise and low humming noises it’s important to have your music playing or else in my experience they still sound pretty audible.

I even tried i even tried carefully pressing the earbuds into my ears for maximum seal and they still sound pretty audible.

This is the same case with the airplane cabin noise test so with human chatters they are not the strongest and i can still hear the crowd noise pretty audibly and without music i can still make out what others are saying.

The Trasparency mode here is really nice giving you a very slight amplification of your surroundings but if you have music playing they are not the strongest to overpower your music. You still have to pause your media and listen to your surroundings.

Overall I’m going to give this Soundpeats Mini Pro a decent 3.25 out of 10 for ANC performance.


Soundpeats Mini Pro Sound Quality

Competitors at this price are already using the 34A chipset and I’m glad that Soundpeats took note and delivered where the original mini had a more mediocre v-shaped sound signature and it’s very warm and muffled.

The new Soundpeats Mini pro now comes with a very nicely tuned sound signature and I think Soundpeats really did a very good job here.

The older mini was very bass focused where it kind of foregoes its mids and highs.

A little bit fortunately this is now all fixed. The bass here seems to be a little bit tamer still strong. But you can feel it’s not as thumpy but in a good way.

Soundpeats now also puts its tuning focus more into the mid vocals and highs.

From my test vocals sound exceptionally good and reproduction for male vocals are strong and assertive. Female vocals are also projected very nicely. The highs here are overly strong in my opinion.

Most day-to-day use cases I think they are good and crispy however when you blast the music a little bit past the 70% mark you start to get that ear piercing sound which is not ideal and do remember that these earbuds are not the loudest to start with.

If you are looking for wireless earbuds with good volume check out our review on Soundpeats Sonic

From a vertical upgrade standpoint the Mini Pro is definitely a better sounding earbuds compared to the original Mini.

In terms of Soundpeats recent lineup I think this is actually one of their better release in recent times.

Sound Qualtiy


Latency wise the Mini Pro is pretty good at 60 milliseconds of gaming mode pretty standard nowadays.

Translating that to real-time gaming with PUBG you’ll notice very little lag and that experience is mostly very positive.

Watching videos and movies with this earbuds is also really enjoyable with no problems

Final Thoughts

Almost perfect Soundpeats earbud, everything here is great and this is a highly recommended earbuds not the strongest ANC in my opinion but decent.

And if Soundpeats did not skip the skip backwards control then I think this might be one of the best budget ANC earbuds for 2022..

Our Rating

Soundpeats Mini Pro

Almost perfect Soundpeats earbud, everything here is great and this is a highly recommended earbuds not the strongest ANC in my opinion but decent.

And if Soundpeats did not all meet the skip backwards control then I think this might be one of the best budget ANC earbuds for 2022..

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