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Design and Build











  • Small Design
  • Latest Features
  • Comfortable
  • Good Sound


  • Reduced Battery Life

The Original Soundpeats True Air has always been on top of my list for the top three Airpods alternatives.

With the launch of the Soundpeats True Air 2 Soundpeats offered a solid Airpods alternative in a smaller frame.

Now I think they’ve gone even smaller with their new release Soundpeats Air 3

We’re taking a look at the latest Airpods alternatives from Soundpeats.

If you’ve been waiting for the best Airpods alternative so far you can stop looking because I think they’ve got the best one.

Let’s get on with a review of the Soundpeats Air 3

Soundpeats is trying to simplify their product naming and this time it’s not called the True Air 3 but simply Air 3.

The Air 3 retails at a slightly more expensive price tag compared to the True Air 2 and comes in at about $50 where the True Air 2 is about $40.

If you compare these two earbuds the Air 3 is now further shrunken down compared to the already small True Air 2.

And the case is smaller and the earbuds itself are also smaller to help with the comfort.

The case here is really simple and Soundpeats have always kept with that very simple uncluttered look.

The front of the case you only get a button to check the battery percentage of the case and also an LED to let you know the total battery you have.

Green means you have more than 50%, Yellow means you have 10 to 50% and Red means you have less than 10%.

At the top of the case you’re going to get that Soundpeats branding there without the logo this time.

And it’s super stealthy and cool really loving the look of it and at the bottom itself you’re gonna get a USB c charging port.

The lid here opens up nice and smoothly and there’s also a very nice hinge at the end of the stroke to hold the lid up which is very fantastic because it adds that premium feel to your earbuds when opening them.

One subtle difference that i noticed is that if you look at the older True Air 2 the left and right indicator here are just pretty standard you know square boxes typical font. But on the Air 3 you can see that the left and right are now italic design adds to that modern touch to these earbuds which is very nice.

The earbuds are designed pretty similar to the True Air 2 and the overall styling is the same with the silver Soundpeats logo at the stem.

The earbuds are also now smaller as well as shorter.

At the bottom here soundpeats is also going with a metal charging plate this time rather than charging pin to conduct the earbuds.

Where the old True Air 2 still uses this magnetic pin at the side of the stem still pretty good but not as modern as what you get with the Air 3

Overall that gives a very clean look of the new Air 3 compared to its predecessor.

The ear tips itself Soundpeats also made the earbuds smaller so it’s more comfortable to wear and at least it’s more friendly to people with smaller ears.

And one key difference here is that the new Air 3 comes with in-ear sensor and the True Air 2 doesn’t come with any sensor.

Design and Build

Soundpeats Air 3 Features

The entry gets pretty similar capabilities compared to the True Air 2 and so you’re going to get that flagship Qualcomm 3040 chipset with Bluetooth 5.2.

The main difference here with the Air 3 is now that it gets apt-X adaptive alongside the standard apt-X, AACand SBC audio codec.

That’s one of the advantage of the new Air 3.

The Air 3 now also gets a slightly better water resistant rating at ipx5 compared to the ipx4 in the True Air 2.

so now you can safely use it even when it starts to rain a little bit.

The usual sweat and splash resistance still applies to these earbuds and you’re also going to get the same independent playback with the Air 3 and you can use either side of these earbuds at any time.

Because you have the in-ear sensor here your music will pause when you remove them from your ears.

Lastly the new Air 3 also doesn’t come with multi-point support.


Soundpeats Air 3 Battery

The battery life you get is the same as the True Air 2 and when playing at 70% volume you get about 5 hours of battery life and the only difference is the shrunken case where it only holds two additional charges at 10 hours compared to the four additional charges of the True Air 2.

That’s one sacrifice you have to make for a smaller body however charging the Air 3 is now faster at one and a half hours compared to two hours on the True Air 2.


Soundpeats Air 3 Controls

Controls are very comprehensive and you get everything that you need for your media controls.

To increase the volume tap once on the right earbuds and it will slowly increase your volume and tap once on the left earbuds and it will slowly decrease the volume.

To Play or Pause media pick up phone calls double tap on each side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your media.

And skip tracks forward tap and hold on the right earbuds and tap and hold on the left earbuds to skip backwards.

Tap three times on the right earbuds and you can pull out your assistant so tap three times and pause your media and pull out your assistant.

And lastly tap three times on the left earbuds and it will swap between gaming mode as well as normal mode.

A great control executions from Soundpeats.


Soundpeats Air 3 Sound Quality

I’m truly puzzled as to how Soundpeats can make a great sounding Airpods alternative with great bass response, dynamic sound signature on an Airpods alternative where other earbuds brands still kind of suffer here.

Competitors there making a simple good sounding one you know that doesn’t really perform that well.

So, I’m going to go ahead and say that this is the best Airpods alternative to date.

I think the sound signature here is superb beating even the Tronsmart Onyx Ace.

So, based on these are quite good considering that this is an open style earbuds with no ceiling and you can actually hear it and feel the bass really good.

For me the smaller ear tips also help with fitting the earbuds better in my ears hence enhancing that bass response.

Highs on these are great sounding pretty nice and clear very bright with good instrument separations and very crisp highs.

The mids are also good with most vocals sounding nice and clear however with some songs i do notice a tad bit of hollowness with the mids.

But for most songs they sound really good and with the Air 3 you’re also getting a slightly more open sound stage.

Where you’ll get that slight 3D sound signature around you very subtle but i believe that larger driver does help with that a little bit.

Sound Qualtiy


Latency wise these earbuds are pretty okay with 60ms of latency in gaming mode which is plenty good with normal real-time use with games like PUBG.

You’re mostly not going to feel that lag too much and slowing the clip down of course you’re going to see it lagging behind a bit but it’s good considering that it’s a Bluetooth earbud.

Watching videos on YouTube and Netflix is really good with this one

Final Thoughts

We hunt down many Airpods alternative and some are okay but very few actually hit the mark and then Soundpeats come around and take the crown again for the best Airpods alternative for 2021.

Our Rating

We hunt down many Airpods alternative and some are okay but very few actually hit the mark and then soundpeats come around and take the crown again for the best Airpods alternative for 2021.

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