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Recently QCY have been launching many earbuds from the T10, Tt11, T11s, T12 and now the T13

Do they create a big enough difference for you to choose one earbud from another? and in this review we’ll find out where this QCY T13 stands and why you would pick this over the others.

Let’s get on with the review of the QCY t13 so today’s unit was sent over to me for review by QCY.

Honestly I was shocked as to how QCY can launch so many earbuds one after another so quickly.

I’m here to share if the earbuds is worth getting over the T10 or the T11S counterparts.

These Airbuds retails for super budget $25 and compared to the T11S the T13 is half the price of that.

Honestly there is nothing fancy with the design of the T13 and basically you’re getting a glossy hard plastic case which is kind of a fingerprint magnet.

At the top of the case you get the new QCY branding there. It is their new logo which i still think will look so much cooler with their old logo.

On the right hand side itself you get a Type-C charging port for you to top up the case and plugging it in you get a red indicator at the front which turns green when it’s fully charged.

The indicator also serves to tell you the battery percentage of the case so green means you have more than 90 of battery life.

Blue means 50 to 90 percent and red means less than 50%.

The lid opens up nice and smoothly and holds itself up at the end of the stroke giving it a nice premium feel to the case.

Inside of the case you get a button that lets you check the battery percentage of the case at the front and the earbuds sits in a case in a lay flat fashion similar to most modern earbuds.

One thing that QCY have kept consistent with their T10 and their T11 series and now with the T13 series is that they kept the Airpods Pro style design since it gives you super ergonomic and comfy fit.

There’s really nothing too special with these earbuds and it’s still your budget friendly earbuds so nothing too fancy.

The stem that you get here is also nice and simple nothing on it except for a hole that houses the LED indicators which in this case will go away once it connects to your device.

Design and Build

QCY T13 Features

The only real reason you might want to go with the T11’s and pay double the price is mostly for that Qualcomm chipset that it comes in which supports aptX.

The T13 only comes with a standard Bluetooth 5.1 chipset which only supports AAC and SBC audio codec.

The T13 also comes with an ipx4 water resistant rating so you’re getting only sweat resistant and water splash resistant.

Definitely don’t use them in the rain and don’t run under the rain with these earbuds.

The T13 also supports a super seamless Mono and Stereo mode so you’re going to get support for either left and right earbuds and putting either side back into the case also doesn’t pause your music which is pretty cool.

Lastly there’s no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds.


QCY T13 Battery

Battery performance is where the T13 shines and it’s really for those that want a decent enough earbuds with a massive battery performance.

Per charge you’re going to get about eight hours of juice where as the T11S only gets 5 hours and a T11 only three and a half hours so that’s already a massive improvement.

The case boosts that number up to about 40 hours in total where the T11S is at 35 hours and the T11 at 21 hours.

They all have quick charging feature and the T13 is the fastest. Five minutes of charging will get you one hour of juice whereas the T11 and T11S take 10 minutes to get one hour of juice.

Fully charging the earbuds will take roughly around two hours.



App control on the QCY T13 is very similar to its other QCY counterparts and the first part here you see is the control remapping area.

They have also integrated the left and right battery percentage here so to optimize the app a little bit more and here you can adjust any of the controls to your liking.

Some of the controls that you’re allowed to do here include play, pause, skip tracks, voice assistance as well as volume.

I’ve included Double tap for my volume controls, Triple tap for play and pause and to Skip tracks forward and backwards all you got to do is press and hold on the earbuds and it will skip forward or backwards.

Scrolling down a little bit you get the equalizer and inside you get to choose from some of QCY’s preset.

You can also go into distinctive style effects to further customize them. And you can also save your favorite here so it’s always there for you to use.

The T13 there’s also the capability to find your headset and although this is a handy feature in QCY.

You also see the ear detection and you can toggle this but it turns off after a while because for the T13 there’s no in-ear sensors in this earbud.

I think that’s a mistake for them to have that there because there’s no feature for that.

Basically all of the features you get with the QCY app.

QCY T13 Sound Quality

Some quality of all QCY earbuds are mostly very good and since my time with the QCY about two years ago they have proven that they can make good sounding earbuds cheap.

The T13 is really quite a nice sounding earbud really no fault here. I mostly listen to my music with a flat EQ so that I can really see how much the earbuds can pull out of the box with some good quality sounding.

These earbuds sounds really good bass in my opinion is sufficiently powerful definitely punchy enough to give you a super nice and dynamic listening experience.

Vocals on these are also great sounding very pleasant and don’t feel muffled or far away.

Finally, clarity is also very good as well and you can hear very crisp symbols and it also brings out the sparkle in some songs which is really good.

I believe with Apt-x it probably can give you an even higher quality projection but marginal because what it is now with the T13 is already very good compared to the T11S.

I don’t honestly see a huge difference between Apt-x and AAC.

Sound Qualtiy


Latency is something that can definitely be improved with the 5.1 chipset and no dedicated gaming mode.

You can tell that these earbuds are not the best with syncing gunshots in games like PUBG but Videos and Movies are great though as on most earbuds today.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not too worried about high resolution audio and mostly stream lossy music using services like Spotify.

I don’t think you need to spend the extra money or double the price of this with Apt-x with the T11s unless you really like the T11s else I would just say stick with the T13 at half the price of the T11S.

I think this is a worthy contender.

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Our Rating


If you’re not too worried about high resolution audio and mostly stream lossy music using services like Spotify.I don’t think you need to spend the extra money or double the price of this with Apt-x with the T11s unless you really like the T11s else I would just say stick with the T13 at half the price of the T11S.

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