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so it’s not often that you get earbuds that take almost all the right boxes, So to start off, this is not a budget earbud but more towards the higher side of mid-range earbuds but wait till you hear what it’s packed with.

Oneplus Buds Pro 2 launched together with the OnePlus 11 5G, The buds Pro 2 is an absolutely well built and designed earbuds coming in with the same color choices as the phone.

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Oneplus Buds Pro 2
  • Best Sounding Wireless Earbuds at this Price Range
  • Best ANC Performance for this Price
  • Feature Packed

Oneplus Buds Pro 2 Review – Design and Build

Oneplus Buds Pro 2 review

The one I got is an arbor green color and there’s also one in obsidian black. I got to be honest when I first saw the design on the box I wasn’t too excited but when you hold it in person it’s a different story.

The case is made of very high quality Plastic with the OnePlus branding etched onto the lid with a mirror finish. Below that, you see branding which kind of gives extra credibility to the performance of this earbud.

At the back of the case you’re going to get the type C charging port and a metal hinge very similar to what you get with Airpods and at the front here you’re gonna get a simple LED indicator that doesn’t clutter.

The Sleek design of the case and the lid opens up in a clamshell fashion and it stays open for you to access your earbuds as well.

You’re going to get a two-tone matte and metallic finish in beautiful green color and the earbuds are also designed like Airpods Pro style ear tips which in my books are very comfortable to wear.

You’re also going to get three mics on each of these earbuds for noise cancellation. The earbuds is also controlled using a tricky stem style design and it’s not your basic touch sensor which is nice.


Battery life is also great on these earbuds and without ANC it gives you nine hours of battery life, 30 extra hours with the case, and with ANC on you’re gonna get 6 hours plus 19 extra hours with the case.

There’s also quick charging on this earbud so 10 minutes will give you 3 hours of juice without ANC. If you don’t have cables lying around just pop this onto a cheap wireless charger and you’re good to go.


a comfortable listening volume for me starts at about 50% and starts to get loud at about 90%, 100% for me is not crazy loud and I can still hover there for a short while.

These may not be the loudest earbuds out there but they sound brilliant even at their loudest volume without Distortion. The earbuds also come with Bluetooth 5.3 chipset with support for the LHDC 4.0 high-res codec for lossless streaming it also supports the AAC and SPC codec.

If you pair this with the OnePlus 11 you’re going to be able to stream an LHDC codec and the audio sounds absolutely great.

The way the Dual Dynamic drivers are tuned is also really good giving this a very full and balanced sound signature very similar to what you get with IEM that very clear very high resolution sound signature without the bass trying to blow your head off.

What you get here is a very solid Punchy bass without it feeling annoying but when the audio calls for deep rambling sub Bass the earbuds do well but it doesn’t get too low like how subwoofers work.

Vocals are also extremely clear especially streaming with high-resolution sources and the LHDC codec is absolutely nothing to complain about and is very clear.

The same goes to the highs not messy clean precise and very well reproduced so I’ve tried over 300 earbuds over the past years and getting your hands on one that works well with great specs is really a rare find and this earbud definitely hits that spot.


These earbuds come with an ip55 dust and water resistant rating, you can definitely bring these earbuds out for a run in the rain with no problems and there are also several nice features that these earbuds support, it comes with OnePlus Melody boost with a dual Dynamic driver which is co-created together with Dyna audio.

You’re gonna get 11 mm and 6 mm Dynamic driver for the setup that works extremely well together. You’re also going to get something called a Zen mode air which is their feature to play Zen sounds through your earbuds, this is very good for sleeping.

You get app support, hit or cervical spine Health detection using the gyro inside earbuds, spatial audio support, audio ID 2.0 and bass wave technology.

Oneplus Buds Pro 2 Review

You’re also going to get an in-ear sensor with these earbuds and also a two device multipoint so to be honest this earbuds is quite perfect in my books there is no app required for this earbuds.

OnePlus builds the app into the Bluetooth setting on Oneplus phone so inside the app itself you’re gonna get your left and right earbuds battery percentage as well as the picture which is some kind of generic earbuds picture so nothing special there.

But below that you’re going to get an ANC control and you’ll be able to choose the intensity of the ANC as well.

There are several personalization features here that Maps your ear canals to personalize the ANC as well as the sound so you can just turn that on if you like.

There is also a Sound Master EQ where you can swap between the different EQ modes or use the six band equalizer to tune your sound you can also turn on high-res mode if you want to force the earbuds into using the highest LHDC codec for playback.

You also get settings to enable spatial audio which works very similar to how the Airpods does. Zen mode air which lets you place zen songs to help you go to sleep or relax and you’re also gonna be able to remap your earbuds control to anything that you want.

And you can also turn on take photo with your earbuds turn on multi-point connectivity and also update your earbuds over the air and this honestly is an example of great execution of the earbuds app completely easy to use and no empty spaces.


This is one of my highest rated ANC earbuds so far and I think OnePlus did an absolutely fantastic job with the ANC algorithm here at Max ANC volume OnePlus rate these earbuds to have -48 dB of ANC.

I think that’s true with road noise and airplane cabin noise blasting with music playing you literally don’t hear it anymore. This is also with music playing in a medium volume level nothing too loud and it manages to cancel all of those up.

With the cafe noise test it works great as well but with the same level of music playing I can hear a tiny bit of chatter coming through but nothing too bad that will distract me. Wind noise is also controlled decently but at high wind situations some wind buffering will still come through which is pretty normal and with the transparency mode it doesn’t amplify audio too much.

With this earbuds sufficient enough for the environmental sound to come through however if you have loud music playing I don’t think you’ll be hearing much of your environment so overall I’m rating the buds Pro 2 with a very impressive 9.5 out of 10.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Review – Final Thoughts

Over the years I’ve been trying to find the perfect earbuds and there’s always something that makes earbuds not perfect so I think the search ends here today because I’m really gonna say this to me this is my perfect earbuds.

Overall Rating
Our Pick
Oneplus Buds Pro 2
  • Best Sounding Wireless Earbuds at this Price Range
  • Best ANC Performance for this Price
  • Feature Packed

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