Mpow X6


Design and Build








Call Quality









  • Build quality
  • Varied Color choice
  • ANC Modes


  • Below Average Battery Life
  • More Volume
  • Bluetooth 5.1 not 5.2

Hey Lovely Peoples,We’re going to check out the Mpow X6 Mpow’s latest version of True wireless earbuds. These will have ANC and transparency mode. Nowadays, many earbuds are coming out with ANC and transparency mode.

Let’s jump into the Mpow X6 True Wireless Earbuds Review..

Mpow X6 True Wireless earbuds

The package tells you a little bit about the hybrid ANC and where the sensors are as well as the sensor for the in-ear detection.

And on the back, a little bit more about the specs on here Bluetooth 5.1 charging time about two hours to fully charge these up we’ll get into the rest of the specs below.

Let’s see what else came in the packaging: usual paperwork and the quick operation guide.

Mpow X6 comes with USB Type-C to charge and comes with small, medium, and large silicone tips.

I did replace the mediums that do come on standard with the large to get that good seal. I would advise you guys to do the same to get that good seal. Good Seal does make a difference with ANC with transparency mode.

Let’s take a look these do come in two colorways. The branding on the top does have some led lights here on the front and then branding on the inside.

And you can see the sensors here for your hybrid active noise cancellation, and we’ll talk about all that below.

Battery life on here guys is about five hours and about 25 hours total with the case

And we’re at a point now where battery life is kind of standard with earbuds that have active noise cancellation.

Design and Build
Mpow X6 True Wireless earbuds

Mpow X6 : Features

Specs on these earbuds Bluetooth 5.1, ANC, Transparency Mode, and these do have wireless charging to go along with the five hours and the 25 hours total with the case.

It takes around two hours to fully charge these earbuds. These do support touch controls that do include everything, including your volume.

Mpow X6 has a mono mode where you can use one at a time, throw one in the case and you can get a little better battery life and conserve your battery life on your earbuds.

These also support a low latency mode for gaming so your latency should be pretty good on here.

And these do have AAC and SBC for playback so excellent specs on these earbuds especially at this price.


Mpow X6 : Controls

The touch controls do control everything on these earbuds, which you know I am a huge fan of

If we just single tap on the right earbud  you can see the volume is gonna start to go up and if we double tap it will play and pause and then we hit it again and it will play and if we triple tap it’s going to go to the next track touch controls on here are very smooth they do work very well

And if we touch and hold on the right earbud it’s going to beep your voice assistant will appear and that’s google assistant Siri whatever phone you are using that voice assistant will come on.

The left earbud we do have a little bit of a different control on the left earbud so if we single tap you can see the volume is going to go down. If we double tap play and pause hit it again music will start playing.

Triple tap we’ll go back to the next track and if we touch and hold on here for a couple of seconds, that will scroll through anc mode transparency mode or turn it off so very cool there.

And the last thing on these earbuds if you hit the left earbud four times it will make this little sound in your ear a little beep and that is how you go in and out of low latency mode or gaming mode.

It doesn’t tell you what mode you’re in though, I wish there was kind of a voice prompt to let you know what mode you were in because you just kind of have to guess.

If you’re playing a game you’re going to know but if you just have to guess you know to scroll through you’re not sure which one it’s on sometimes.

Overall, as far as touch controls go, these things do control everything, and I’m a huge fan of that so very cool stuff with touch controls.


Mpow X6 : Sound

Let’s talk about the sound quality and the volume first we’ll start with the volume I do wish there was slightly more volume on these earbuds

You guys know I like a lot of volume. I like to be able to dial it back and then find that sweet spot with these. I find myself almost maxing out when it comes to how much volume I have on here.

Now the sound quality on here is good I like how these sound these things if you get that good seal on here

You’re going to hear some really good bass and I like the bass on here. It’s punchy, and it’s not that real sharp bass.

It lets me get into the zone and at the same time it doesn’t take away from the highs and the mids overall I do like the sound quality of these

It’s very clear sounds really good and if you like bass you’re gonna like how these sound

Now saying that once you turn ANC on it does change how these sound a little bit so I do prefer these with ANC off.

Like a lot of buds and it’s disappointing when this happens with earbuds but like a lot of buds whenever you turn ANC on and sometimes even transparency mode

It does change how these earbuds sound and that’s the case there now; it’s not terrible i can still listen to it.

But I would listen to these with ANC turned off.

Overall, I really enjoy how these sounds came right out of the box and, most of the time anyway.


Active Noise Cancelling

Mpow X6 does have hybrid active noise cancellation. If you’re unsure what ANC is or what hybrid active noise cancellation is, the outward facing microphones can detect the external noise and then the inward facing microphones monitor the noise inside your ear canal.

The wireless earbuds go ahead and counter that with equal anti-noise at the same time, that will eliminate the inside and the outside noise and this technology say it can achieve 28db of noise cancellation.

Which is okay right it’s not the best. It’s not going to compete with any of the higher end earbuds but it does an excellent job for the price.

Real life experience

I tested it and with the heater, to say it is a very loud heater you know just if I throw these in my ear with the noise isolation with ANC turned off it does drown out a fair amount of the heater noise

 When I turn ANC on, I would say it goes and takes about 90 percent of that noise out maybe 95 of the rest of the low rumbles but I can still hear a little bit of the heater going even with ANC turn on.

It is a very minimal right tiny bit of noise coming through still, but you can tell it’s there so it

doesn’t drown out everything but it does a good job, especially at this price

And transparency mode on here is a different transparency mode it’s not as digitally sounding like a lot of the other earbuds out there at this price poin.

It does a very good job of letting in some of that outside noise. Now the one thing with transparency mode on these earbuds there is a bit of a hiss in my earbuds

When I do have transparency mode on so just keep that in mind. if you wanted to use one earbud at a time again you could throw one earbud in have the other one playing music or watching content

Just to know if you do that if you use one earbud at a time you’re only going to have available what earbuds or what touch controls those earbuds the left or the right do have.


Call Quality

they do sound good in a quiet room as well as a crowded and noisy environment now

Call Quality

Mpow X6 : Latency

Now, as far as the latency goes on these earbuds again they’re true wireless earbuds guys so even with the gaming mode.

If you are playing those heavy you know intensive games like call of duty, you will have some delay no matter what at this point and that’s another improvement.

 I’d like to see in earbuds moving forward and these are no different playing call of duty or something like that. You can’t notice a slight delay even in gaming mode but it’s not bad at all.

It’s not going to stop you from playing anything and watching content on youtube, Netflix amazon prime or whatever it is you’re not going to experience any delay.



I’ll just have these in my ears and I’ll have anc turned on but no music just silence so not bad as far as sound quality goes.

I like the bass on here; they sound good. You know I’m a bass lover so these are going to suit me well as far as the bass goes on these earbuds.

With these earbuds you know a couple of the gripes that I have with these earbuds.

Overall I do really like these; a couple things that I would like to see improved upon is battery life.

You know battery life, the five hours of battery life on here that’s with ANC turned off, so with ANC turned on, it will be a little worse around four hours of battery life with ANC turned on.

I would like to see a little more volume on these earbuds but other than those two things you know the sound quality is good. In my opinion you know the fact that it changes between how it sounds with anc on and off

It’s not really a deal breaker for me I’m gonna listen to music with these with ANC turned off as it is

Overall I like the colors. I like the build quality I like the look of these and the matte finish on here with the accent colors

Wireless charging anc transparency mode is really good on these earbuds.

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Mpow X6 Comparisons Summary

Soundpeats T2 vs Mpow X6

Soundpeats T2 vs Mpow X6

Compared to Mpow X6 Soundpeats T2 performs better in terms of Sound, Active Noise Canceling, and Battery life. 

Soundpeats T2 has more superior ANC performance compared to Mpow X6 and Sounds better in terms of Bass, Mids, Highs, and Vocals.

Some parts of the world Mpow X6 has rebranded this earbud as QCY HT01. Both are same earbud except the name.

Mpow sells for around $70 and Soundpeats T2 around $60. Which makes the Soundpeats T2 a obvious choice

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