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Airpods technology for the most part is getting more and more affordable definitely to the point that even the budget airpods alternative segment is already flooded with options. We’re taking a look at Mpows version of the airpords alternative Mpow MX3 and to see if they have what it takes to make a budget-friendly and good airpods alternative.

Let’s get on with the review of the mpow mx3

Mpow mx3 review

I actually really like the build quality of these earbuds and although this is priced at a cheaper price point i think the quality of the product is pretty solid the case is made of a matte white finish and the materials are those that would with stand scratches really well and you can feel that.

Overall these are really solidly built the top of the case you get the Mpow branding nicely etched into the case and at the back you get a type-c charging port.

And when you plug it in the led in the front will also light up to tell you the battery percentage of the case

The flat bottom of the case also hides a wireless charging coil so you can put it onto any Qi certified wireless charger and it’ll start charging up the earbuds.

The lid on the Mpow mx3 is very unique where it has two levels of clutch to engage and hold the lid open so one at 45 degrees and another one at 90 degrees either way the lid will open up nice and smoothly which adds to the experience of using these earbuds.

So the earbuds of the mx3 is very simple literally a stem style earbuds with an airpod style ear tips honestly there’s no design no wording no branding anywhere which is pretty refreshing to see.

There’s also no in-ear senses on these earbuds and empower also throws in a silicon tip here to help with the sensitive ears of some people they don’t give you that seal that you’re looking for.

So it doesn’t really change the sound signature of the earbuds but it just adds a layer of comfort when you’re using these earbuds. Considering that this is priced almost similar to the QCY T7 and T8.

Design and Build

Mpow MX3 Features

Mpow mx3 review

In terms of its features you’re getting a standard Bluetooth 5.0 chipset which supports the AAC and SBC audio codec no Qualcomm options here so you’re not getting any Apt-x codec and this is the same as the qcy series of earbuds.

But the QCY T8 comes instead with bluetooth 5.1 the earbuds also comes equipped with an impressive ipx7 water resistant rating. This means that these earbuds can withstand submersion up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes so you should be secure with most water action.

And both the QCY models that it rivals only comes with ipx4 the earbuds also supports an ultra seamless mono and stereo mode so you can use either side independently.

And when you put either side back into the case it will not pause the media on the other side so pretty impressive stuff there and lastly there is no multi-point connectivity on this earbuds.


Mpow MX3 Battery

The battery on the mx-3 is much better with a full charge the earbuds will give you about 5 hours of battery life and 15 additional hours with the case where the qcy both fare a lot less than the mx3.

The mx3 also wins in a department of quick charging so 15 minutes of charge will give you about 2 hours of battery life.


Mpow MX3 Controls

the MX3 does a great job when it comes to controls and they are really sensitive, very easy to tap and doesn’t go crazy when you try to tap them multiple times.

To increase the volume tap and hold on the right earbuds and you will slowly increase the volume and to reduce the volume tap and hold on the left earbuds.

To play or pause media double tap on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your media straight forward and to skip tracks forward triple tap on your right earbuds.

And you’ll skip forward triple tap on the left earbuds and you’ll skip backwards so to call your assistant all you got to do is tap once and hold on the earbuds for about one second and it will call out your assistant.

The assistant feature is one of the controls that i kind of think is a bit fumbly but everything else works just very nice.


Mpow MX3 Sound Quality

Sound quality on this is very bright and provides you with plenty of tweeter action that sometimes might be too ear piercing in my opinion.

And for most songs i will stay well below 70% of volume just to avoid that ear piercing experience and i’ve tried pressing it into my ears i’m not getting too much bass action out of these so do take note that they won’t provide you a dynamic listening experience.

in terms of vocals i think the mx3 still manages to project them pretty well and they seem to be tuned very forward. However if you listen to music with lots of instruments you start to hear them kind of jumble up in the background.

so who do i think these earbuds are for i i would say that these earbuds are very suited for people who don’t go into too much details tuning their earbuds. And really just want something simple that they can put onto their ears and listen to some music and they don’t want to adjust or fumble around with any eq settings.

so these are very good out of the box earbuds for simple music listening.

Sound Qualtiy

Call Quality

The Mpow mx3 is a good earbud for making phone calls


So latency and his earbuds are pretty standard nothing too fancy and resemble kind of the typical Bluetooth 5.0 performance meaning you’ll still get some latency when gaming.

But nothing too terrible and casual gaming is still pretty okay

Final Thoughts

So apart from the assistant being a bit hard to call i think the rest is pretty good so in my opinion these are starter earbuds that are okay for people starting out in earbuds.

And honestly just want something they can listen to music to without fancy features or app support.

Our Rating

Mpow MX3

Mpow MX3 is an impressive earbuds for it’s cheap price you will not dissapointed with this purchase 

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