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  • Great App
  • Great Sound
  • Made for Training


  • Not so great Nose canceling

We’re checking out the JBL Reflect Mini NC noise cancelling earbuds, which feature the best bass heavy sound. That is sure to get you going, and you’re getting a really secure fit to match.

The companion app also allows some seriously impressive customization, specifically in the sound department, because the things you can do with this earbud is impressive but anyway, if you want to grab a pair from Amazon

Starting with physical features and design, and these buds are incredibly sturdy.
You can definitely tell they’re designed with exercising in mind.

You just got basic smooth, hard plastics all around with a bit of a ribbed feel on the inside of the buds. And that JBL logo is also Reflective for a bit of nighttime visibility enhancement.

The indicator lights are also on the inside of the earbuds, so no unnecessary flashing.
The buds are a little bit on the chunky side, but with that wingtip there, they’re incredibly secure, so you’re getting three sizes of wingtips and ear tips.

The mediums for both earbuds and wingtips work best for me, and this specific styling tip I find stays in my ear incredibly well.

So, no matter what you’re doing, weight, training, running, CrossFit, you’re going to be okay. There’s no way they’re going to fall out or even budge out of your ear. The ergonomics aren’t the best though I do get a bit of discomfort. This could be different for everyone, and this was also after trying all the extra ear tips and wingtips.

Even though the case is a bit chunky, it still feels really sturdy. Like the earbuds, it’s made of the same material with a bit of a grip to it, and the hinge here is also nice and sturdy for all.

If you like to use your buds when training, you get an ipx7 waterproof rating, so fine for sweat, splashes of water use in the rain, and you can also submerge the buds in water.

Design and Build

JBL Reflect Mini NC : Features

You’re getting Bluetooth 5.1 here, along with SBC and AAC codec, unsure if there’s Apt-X, you’re not getting multi-pairing. Still, you can use the left or right earbud individually, and this works in mono mode.

So you can hear both audio channels in one earbud.


Now, when you open the lid of the case, the earbuds will start to connect to your phone and do so really quickly in about four seconds and taking the earbuds in and out of the case is nice and seamless, and the magnets here are also nice and Strong


JBL Reflect Mini NC : Controls

On to touch controls, and you can sort of control everything here, but you do need to make some sacrifices in the app.

So if you want to control volume, you have to sacrifice the ambient control. When you’ve got pairs like the Sennheiser momentum twos, Soundpeats t2, where you can control noise, cancelling, and volume all at the same time. They could have done it better.

Apart from that sensitivity, here is decent. It’s not the best, but you are also getting some auto pause and play action when you take the earbuds out of your ear, which works seamlessly, and you can turn this on and off in the app as well

Which is really nice in case you don’t want to have it there.

And also, when you take one earbud out, the transparency mode will kick in your opposite earbud, so you don’t have noise canceling in one earbud, and it sounds kind of weird. You get subtle, beat feedback in the earbuds when adjusting all controls.


JBL Reflect Mini NC : App

Now I quickly touched upon the features that the app has to offer so on the main screen.

You have the battery life of the earbuds and the case, which is pretty handy to have. You have some ambient control, noise cancelling options, and smart audio moves tab there, so you have a normal mode to provide the Best connection and audio mode for the best sound quality.

I found it didn’t make a huge difference, but it just tweaked everything up just a tiny bit, and you also have a video mode that works as a low latency mode.

But I found with the other modes in terms of latency on YouTube and Netflix tested on an iPhone 11, there were no issues with latency.

So the only reason you’d want to use that video mode is for gaming.

It actually does help quite a bit, and specifically, if you like, to play the first person, shooters you’ve also got an eq down there, which is really impressive

you’ve also got an auto power on and off feature, which is nice to have an auto pause and play voice assistant settings anc tuning,

So overall, really nice app. I like the UI, and it’s nice and snappy as well


JBL Reflect Mini NC : Sound

Let’s talk about the sound now, but starting with volume here, because at 100% volume, these bad boys crank, you really don’t need any more volume there.

If you’re looking for low level listening, you’re not really getting it here, but if you like to listen to podcasts or music at low volumes, there’s barely any white noise, which is nice all right onto the sound  when it Comes to a sound signature this made for training

I feel like JBL has absolutely nailed it because you’re getting bass that hits incredibly deep, uh it’s, but it still has some incredible punch to it

This is the best bass response out of any earbud that I’ve tested and since the treble and mids are also just pushed forward really well, I feel like that adds to that punchy bass as well as instrumentation and vocals being right at the forefront of the Mix

you’re just getting incredible Clarity, no matter what genre you’re listening to now, you’re not getting the crispest or sparkly treble that you might see on like the Sony or the Sennheiser momentum twos, but you’re getting just enough to provide really lovely Clarity

this also doesn’t get too harsh at those high volumes and this mid-range and treble allows for some seriously impressive instrument separation in a sound stage that, considering the amount of bass you’re getting

These buds actually sound pretty similar to the Soundpeats H1, which is loud bass, heavy, but still retaining Clarity, earbud.

But on the H1 you kind of get a little bit crisper treble, but it’s the mid-range and the JBL that are pushed more forward and that bass is a lot punchier.

These still aren’t the bassiest bud, but you have pretty much unlimited customization when you jump into that eq.

I found the presets didn’t work for me. They didn’t really do anything just make your own presets and when you can pump that bass up a little bit, these sound.

JBL has nicely done and if you want to have a cleaner sound, just bring the bass down chuck the mids up in the treble, if you like, or if you don’t want that treble to be too harsh at those high volumes, bring It down a little bit.

And it all works really well. Just because that bass response gives you that nice heavy feel.

But it gives you so much punch that I’ve never really heard of in any other TWS. And it does so while still retaining some incredible clarity with all the instrumentation and the vocals as well.

You get an incredible instrument, separation, a nice amount of bass. All the horns and keys come through really well with that excellent treble response. That low end works really well, alongside the Clarity providing an excellent full sound.

These are the best to use with the hard stuff that nice direct, sound along with that great low end.

I was honestly not expecting the amount of Clarity you can get with the amount of low energy.



JBL Reflect Mini NC : Noise Cancelling

noise Cancelling now for the price you’re paying here. I was honestly expecting some better noise-cancelling performance. Sometimes,

when I turn on the noise cancelling and not even really notice a huge difference, this is mainly because the passive noise isolation on these buds is better than normal. After all, the earbuds are pretty chunky, and the ear tips a little bit wider than normal.

This provides really good passive noise isolation, So kind of combine this with the noise cancelling, and you’re getting pretty decent noise cancelling.

And when you can get pairs like the effort free pro or the soundpeats t2 at half the price with superior noise canceling I feel JBL needs to step up the game a bit.

 A couple of pros, though there’s barely any cabin pressure, as well as that hissing sound.
That is evident with noise, cancelling, which is nice and, of course, with noise canceling comes your ambient mode, which isn’t the best here.

You can hear your voice quite well, but i feel like it just could have been a bit more amplified, but if you’re just like outdoor running and watching for traffic and that kind of stuff, you should be fine, all right.

So I forgot to talk about ANC tuning, but I found this didn’t change anything with the noise canceling really when playing around with it.


JBL Reflect Mini NC : Battery

Now in terms of battery life, You’re getting 7 hours from the earbuds and an additional two charges from the case, which brings the total up to 21 hours.

Even with the advertised battery life considering the size of the case, i was honestly expecting a little more. You are getting a fast charge, which 10 minutes of charge will give you an hour’s playback on the earbuds, there’s no wireless charging, but they do charge via USB type-c with the cable included.

On the front of the case, You have an led bar which looks pretty cool. It’s a little bit unique there.

It will let you know if you need to charge up your case and that’ll also stay lit up when your earbuds are charging in the case as well.


JBL Reflect Mini NC : Call Quality

All right, on to the microphone test, not excellent, but should honestly do the job for most phone calls

The microphones here are picking up my voice quite well.

Call Quality


The only main cons are the noise cancelling not being the best and the fit not being incredibly comfortable.

That’s at least for my right ear that could be different for you.

Apart from that, these buds are absolutely killer, especially if you’re looking for training, bud, and they’re definitely worth checking.

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