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It’s happened to the best of us. You’re minding your own business, listening to music on your headphones, when suddenly you notice a weird dent on your head. Or, even worse, you find a dent in your hair that wasn’t there before. What gives?

Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

Headphones may cause a temporary dent on your head or hair, but it’s not permanent on your skull.

It’s only when you wear headphones for a certain amount of time that this happens. This happens around the ear area, where the headphone ear cups rest.

It usually disappears after a few minutes or hours. But as a quick fix, you may gently massage the affected area or have a hot water shower.

What Is A Headphone Dent?

That is when you find a crease in your hair or skin or a combination of both after wearing one or more of the above-mentioned headphones for a considerable time.

Headphone Dents Go Away

Usually, it takes a few minutes or hours, depending on how long you wore the headphones, for the dent to disappear naturally. If not, the remedies are

  • Gently massage the dented area.
  • Have a hot shower.

How do Headphones dent your skull?

There are a few theories out there, but the most likely explanation is that it’s due to the pressure exerted by the headphones on your head.

When you wear headphones, the ear cups press against your head, which can cause the soft tissues to deform slightly.

This is especially true if you wear headphones that are tight-fitting or that have a lot of padding.

How to avoid the headphone/headset dent?

Avoid headphone dents altogether by

  • Loosening the headphones and making sure they fit the head properly.
  •  Wearing the headphone band on the back of the head instead of on the top.
  • Wearing a beanie between the headphones and delicate skin, preventing direct contact between them.
  • Switching between earbuds and Traditional headphones.
  • Wearing your hair up, instead of down, while wearing the headphones, if the dent occurs only in the hair and not on the skin.

Other Side Effects of Headphone Dent

Wearing headphones for a long time can cause a crease in the hair. So imagine how long you’d have to wear it to lose hair?!! With excessive use of headphones, you can lose hair too.

Tight ponytails, buns, and even sports helmets cause this kind of hair loss as well.

This is called Traction Alopecia. Usually, wearing a beanie under the headphones, taking long headphone breaks, or switching between earbuds can prevent this state.

How Long Do Headphone Dents Last?

Our skin is very tolerant and can withstand much pressure without a problem. In some cases, they last only a few minutes, whereas in other cases, not more than 1-2 hours.

If it is used longer, then dents last longer. If it’s shorter, then the result is shorter too.

When should you be worried about a dent?

Headset Dent is the same as Headphone Dent. It’s only a dent on the scalp or a crease in the hair.

It doesn’t concern the skull. A dent on the forehead means a sign of some other injury/trauma/ allergy or problem which your doctor should be consulted about.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, excessive use of headphones like long Flight travel can dent your head by creasing the skin or hair but not have permanent damage to the skull, you can Find the perfect headphones for flying in our guide to avoid such situation

You can prevent it by loosening the headphones, wearing a beanie on the head, or switching to earbuds once in a way and still enjoying your favorite pastime.

If you feel anything unusual on the skull, you may have experienced prior trauma, which doesn’t concern headphone dents, so immediately consult your doctor or physician.

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Can you get a dent in your head from headphones?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual headphones and how they are worn. However, it is possible that wearing headphones could cause a dent in the head, especially if they are worn tightly or for extended periods of time.

One Comment

  1. A headset dent is a common problem when you wear headphones for an extended time. The pressure from the headphones can cause a dent or mark on your scalp. Here are a few ways to get rid of a headset dent:

    Massage your scalp:
    Gently massage the spot where the dent has formed. This will help bring more blood to the area and make the dent look less bad.

    Use a cold pack:
    Apply a cold pack on the place that aches. This will help reduce swelling and pain and may also make the dent look smaller.

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