Hey Lovely Peoples, As we are facing second half of 2021 the true wireless earbuds market continues to explode with new products coming out all the time boasting improved technology and sound quality at a affordable price. In this article am going to list down my top five best budget true wireless earbuds under $100 giving emphasis on sound quality.

I’ve put together here is a list of five excellent earbuds all offering excellent sound quality and a great feature set and in conclusion i feel that by dropping ANC out of a lot of these pairs.

The level of sound quality is much higher than it would be at an equivalent price for a pair of ANC.

Let’s get into the list

Number five on this list is the Earfun Free 2 and this is a new release from Earfun a successor to the highly successful original Earfun free.

In terms of the specs, we’re getting a fantastic specification here with Bluetooth 5.2, CVC 8.0 noise canceling technology for clear calls.

We’ve got Qualcomm QCC3040 chip on board for the Bluetooth connection. These are also ipx7 waterproof. We’ve got 30 hours playtime in total.

These are Independent connection ear buds. You can use them independently we’ve got wireless charging, we’ve got Apt-x on board so brilliant feature set.

These earbuds perform fantastically well. The Sound quality is certainly dynamic they’re bringing some real low rumbling bass but you know it’s pretty tight and punchy.

It doesn’t bleed into the mid-range the treble is nice and bright and it brings a bit of a nice airiness to the sound and there’s a bit of a nice sense of space there as well.

I wouldn’t describe these as having a huge sound stage but they’re really punching above the weight here for sound quality.

Fit and comfort were really good for me slight word of warning there they are larger sized buds so for some people they might be um uncomfortable or might not fit in your ears. Always you need to to swap out the ear tips that come included to to get the best fit and the best seal for sound quality.

These best all rounders under $50 on this list truly impressive and incredible value

Number four it’s going to be the Lypertek soundfree S20. These are fantastic earbuds  coming in around $70 but these have come down to around $50.

spec wise you you’ve got wireless charging, really good battery life of eight hours on the buds 40 in total with the case. You’ve got ipx5 waterproof, ambient sound as well.

You’ve also got a dual connect for independent use you’ve got a button control to control your music which to be honest works really well.

It’s a a nice change from the usual touch controls now where these really excel is the sound quality. You’re getting an incredible, detailed and balanced sound with a bit of a bass boost on these.

I would say um definitely one of the uh contenders for best balanced sound. It is a clean sounding profile lots of attention to the to the high and the mid.

That particularly the mids come out really strongly here with really lovely rich vocals female male vocals instrumentation sounds amazing. Bright treble in there as well and the bass is relatively balanced.

In comparison to a lot of budget earbuds but it does have that slight boost just giving it a bit more of a low end rumble.


Edifier TWS1 Pro and in terms of the specs we’ve got bluetooth 5.2, cvc 8.0, 42 hours playtime in total.

ipx65 which is a waterproof and a dust proof. USB Type-C charging, no wireless charging on board for this pair. We’ve got Apt-x adaptive which is a second generation technology from Qualcomm supporting at Apt-x and low latency as well.

Edifier TWS1 Pro you’re getting a really balanced sound probably the most balanced on the list overall. But it’s lovely and detailed and whilst these are retailing for between $50 you can get them less than that.

These are coming in with a fantastic sound quality. That kind of bass booster signature that you’re getting on a lot of budget buds.

The sound stage you know as good as a pair three or four times the price of these. The detail and separation of instrumentation is incredible for the price. The bass is quite neutral but it

hits and it’s punchy when it needs to be. It hits nice and deep and then rolls off so you’re not kind of getting any bleeding into that. Best balanced sound that completely defies the price tag.

In at number two on the list is the Tribit flybuds C1 fantastic pair of earbuds. These are retailing for around $70.

In terms of the specs there they’ve got Qualcomm QCC3040, Bluetooth 5.2, four microphones for clear calls along with CVC 8.0 and  50 hours on the battery in total with the case which is the best on this list.

And they’ve got your Qualcomm true wireless mirror in there for independent use on the buds and a patented physical button design which is quite unique. these are kind of taking things to the next level with the placement of

The button there works really well and again a change from that touch control style. Effective and something different on these buds.

The sound quality on these it is explosive with boosted bass signature, elevated highs and a really nice mid-range as well. You can feel the step up from the other buds on this list like the detail in the highs is enjoyable, lovely separation and a good sound stage.

They’ve tuned these really nicely so it’s all around a really rich pleasant listening experience. it’s more of a v-shape richer sound signature than the others on this list.

The Tribits here are winning the prize for best call quality, the best all-rounders on this list and that’s so into the obviously the fantastic sound. But the incredible call quality, the best battery life and also the the fantastic specs on these buds.

At number one is the Soundpeats H1 and these are a truly heavyweight pair of true wireless earbuds in my view. i have done a full review of this set if you are interested where i’ll go into full details here.

The specs you’ve got Bluetooth 5.2, Apt-x adaptive, four microphones for clear calls, 40 hours total on the battery. The buds got USB Type-c and wireless charging, ipx5 waterproof, a gaming mode, dual connect for independent use.

Really fantastic kind of feature set there but the thing you need to know about the H1 is the way they are designed. They’re actually using a dual driver design which combines a armature driver with a dynamic driver and it’s a unique crossover system which kind of ensures that all parts of the sound quality are covered and like i say it’s it’s a unique design to these buds.

One that is very different from the others on this list and to be honest you can absolutely hear the impacts of such a unique design in the sound quality. These are a very dynamic sounding set of earbuds. it has really low sub bass, punchy mid bass, clean highs and a nice smooth mid.

The sound quality blows me away on these and i think basically everything sounds fantastic yes they’re geared up to EDM to Hip-Hop but because you’ve got that armature driver all the treble

and the mid is coming through really nice and clear. It’s a great overall sound if you prefer more of a balanced sound then i would recommend the Edifiers or the Lypertek on this list.

these are the only areas that they’re not strong in compared to others on this list is call quality but everything else is they’re absolutely matching up and they’re a fantastic set.


If you are in a search of finding good sounding earbuds at right price point i think this article has helped you in that never-ending journey. If you has eyes on any one of the above earbuds go buy it you will not go wrong with your choice as all of these excellent earbuds at excellent price point

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