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Design and Build

















  • Great ANC Performance
  • Customizable Controls
  • Latest Features


  • Not for Gaming
  • Average Battery Life

I’m  checking out the latest offering from Soundcore and  it’s honestly on top with one of the big players and competes directly with the Sony XM4 and the Bose QC earbuds as well as the Apple Airpods Pro.

With all the specs and performance with this earbuds i really think that these earbuds are one of the very best in the market till date.

Let’s take a look what it has to offer. Let’s get on with the review of the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

If you’ve considered the competition that Soundcore is competing with and you soon learn that they are actually not that expensive at all and if you are looking around for flagship earbuds then this may be one of the additional ones that you might want to consider.

The Liberty 3 pro retails for around $170 comparing it to some famous brands like the Sony WF-1000XM4 which comes in around $270 the Airpods Pro is also around $180  as well as the Bose QC earbuds which it retails at about $180.

There is a $20 off if you purchase through Soundcore website 

If you’ve used Soundcores product before you will definitely know that they come with superb build quality and that is the story with the liberty 3 pro as well.

The case this time comes in a matte finish and it’s like the team of modern earbuds nowadays. They kind of have this matte styling going on and honestly this one is pretty great because they don’t attract fingerprints at all and they don’t scratch easily.

So comparing it to the Sony XM4 they have a very similar build.

But i feel that this one is a little bit better. The top of the cage you’re going to get a Soundcore logo there with a nice mirror finish and the earbuds also come in nice slide up lit fashion.

Typical to most high-end Soundcore products that you get and at the back you’re gonna get a nice Type-c charging port and a button at the side to check the battery percentage.

Plugging the earbuds in you’re gonna get three LED’s at the front to tell you the battery percentage of the case.

The lid here is also very solid and if you pull it up you’re not going to get any place. This is very solid it’s not moving inside itself.

The earbuds have this super cool and futuristic look and if you notice Soundcore also adds LED’s inside the case now to tell you the status of the earbuds.

But does a damn good job at lighting up the earbuds giving it a super premium and classy look.


The material of it doesn’t really scream that premium $250 type of earbuds but if you look at the Soundcore the build quality and the finishing this rose gold finish really adds a very premium touch to the earbuds.

So the main touch sensor surface of the earbuds is a nice gloss finish with a nice Soundcore logo there and a mic for the ANC at the end here.

You also get these nice wing tips that are replaceable and you can also change the size and Soundcore makes this wingtip very integrated with the entire design and doesn’t feel like an afterthought.

In the back here you also see an in-ear sensor and you’re gonna get this super nice rose gold glossy finish right up here.

You’re gonna see the ACA 2.0 branding there and it says astral coaxial acoustic architecture which is super cool and even the ear tips here are metal and very high quality.

Overall there are three microphones on each of these earbuds which gives you a total of six microphones for ANC, ENC as well as for all your conversation needs.w

Design and Build

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Features

Specs wise you’re pretty much getting all the latest fancy features from Soundcore and you’re going to get Bluetooth 5.2 chipset with support for Sony’s LDAC codec for Hi-Res audio, AAC and SBC audio codec.

Like most high-end codecs do make sure that you have a compatible phone or player to enjoy high-res audio.

This is not a given out of the box meaning if the box says hi-res audio it doesn’t mean you’re going to get high-res audio if you run iOS then you’re out of luck because it doesn’t support high-res audio.

This earbud also comes with an ipx4 water resistant rating so typical to the competition in this range and should give you pretty basic protection from sweat and water splashes.

IPX4 is not rated to be used under the rain.

The earbud supports independent playback on both earbuds, you can use either side of the earbud however when you put either side back into the case audio will pause because of that in-ear sensor.

You can just click and play them again and it will start again.

Another feature that Soundcore has is the ACAA 2.0 architecture which stands for Astro Coaxial acoustic architecture 2.0.

Simply put the ACAA, Architecture places the BA driver which is the balance armature driver in the center path of the dynamic driver so it’s not separate which makes the architecture smaller and less distortion.

Giving you strong bass and great highs all in the same small package.


Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Battery

The battery life of the liberty 3 pro is also pretty good and it’s nice that Soundcore made it very transparent about their battery life in different modes.

There are a couple of things that you need to take note here with the battery life. With ANC off and using normal codecs like your AAC and SBC you’re gonna get up to eight hours with the earbuds and 24 additional hours with the case.

Turning on ANC you’re going to get six hours and 18 additional hours with the case and if you choose to use the hi-res LDAC codec without anc you’re going to get about 4 hours and 12 hours with the case.

If you run ANC as well as the Hi-Res LDAC codec you’re probably gonna get about two hours of battery life but this is not officially published by Soundcore.

But because of all the ANC technology and the LDAC codec really does drain up the battery very much.

I don’t blame Soundcore for that.

The earphones also comes with wireless charging so you’re gonna get all the convenience of popping it onto a wireless charger but then charging becomes really slow.

The earbuds also comes with quick charging so 15 minutes of charging with the cable will give you about three hours of juice and charging the earbuds and the case up from empty takes about two hours.

  • ANC off + AAC -> 8 Hrs + 24 Hrs
  • ANC On + AAC -> 6 Hrs + 18 Hrs
  • ANC off + LDAC -> 4 Hrs + 12 Hrs
  • ANC On + LDAC -> 2 Hrs + 6 Hrs

Active Noise Canceling

The ANC that Soundcore develops especially with that here is ANC really makes a big impact to the performance.

And damn I must say comparing this to the Sony and the Airpod’s pro it really did smoke the competition.

This is on par with the Sony or actually kind of bit better.

The Soundcore does a fantastic job at cutting low humming noises and although the Sony does well too with cutting away those constant hums.

You can hear that Soundcore cuts something additional using the same simulated noise blasting it and i swap between the Soundcore, the Sony as well as the Apple really gives a really good perspective to how good these earbuds are.

The lower humming noise is cut the most and does a super good job for masking the sound very well and especially with music playing everything just melts away.

Same goes to airplane cabin noise and literally makes it really enjoyable to listen to music with very little noise from the cabin.

Finally human chatting is one that i think works the best since having it on low volume music playing I literally cannot hear what others are saying.

I can’t give these earbuds a perfect score and i think there’s a chance for it to still be pin drop silent for 2021.

I’m going to rate this to be 9.8 out of 10 and that’s my own personal experience with the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro.



Going into controls and this one is where you get to remap all of your controls.

And the thing that I like about Soundcore app is that they let you choose whether or not you like single tap because some people don’t like the single tap because you get accidental touches but Soundcore lets you choose whether or not to have them.

You can Remap the controls as you like so am not going in full details here as they have implemented all controls and let you personalized it for your liking as well.


Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Sound Quality

The Sound signature of the Liberty 3 Pro is nothing but impressive similar to all the Soundcore earbuds that we’ve tried and it gives you a super full and all-rounded sound quality.

Thanks to the 10.6 mm dynamic driver that pumps out an insane amount of bass coupled with the Balance Armature driver to give you extra clean mids as well as highs.

The bass gives you a very thumpy subwoofer feel to it emphasizing quite a bit on the sub bass and the first song that i’ve played using this earbuds already is so thumpy and aggressive.

I honestly love every bit of it so if you’re a bass head then this will definitely work well for you.

The vocals on these earbuds are crisp and clear giving you a very forward Sound signature and the artist all sounds like they are right there in front of you.

Amazing stuff and finally to the highs everything here is great and you can hear how the BA driver is just so precise doing its thing projecting all the symbols.

The hi-hats extremely clearly without sounding mushy or messy and they also don’t have that ear piercing sharpness which is really nice.

Sound Qualtiy


App wise Soundcore doesn’t disappoint you.

Soundcor egiving you great capability in a simple UI but I do wish that they have a standardized look and feel over their range of earbuds and bring some cool features like the sleep sound from the Live P3 and that would be really nice.

Inside the app you’re gonna get the battery of the earbuds as well as the case and the picture of the earbuds.

Earbuds are currently not color coded but this again is probably not the production app yet so hopefully that we’re gonna see a color coded earbuds.


Latency performance isn’t the strong suit of these ear buds and it’s the only one thing that I feel kind of lacked out a little bit but to be fair.

It’s not marketed to be insane gaming performance so you’re gonna get that pretty noticeable lag with these earbuds especially with games like PUBG so however watching videos and movies on this is pretty nice and lag free.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I really like these earbuds and for their price, I think it’s the one that i will get.

But if you’re on the fence about which high-end earbuds to get definitely check out my comparison Article between these earbuds. Comparing it to the Sony XM4 as well as the AirPods Pro.

Our Rating

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

Best ANC performance and Sound Quality with the Latest features you should not miss. The only downside is it will not suitable for gaming. But best for Audio enthusiast

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  1. Hi. Thanks to your review. You didn’t notice to some features :
    1. Is your sound quality experience with LDAC on or of. And when it’s need to be on and is there any remarkable enhance in sound quality with it?
    2. Did you test 360 surround sound? Is it work for any music or movie or video? In any phone and laptop or it needs special videos.
    3. Does 360 feature decrease battery life badly like LDAC?
    4. Have the sony xm4 and airpods pro these 360 or LDAC features? How their battery work with these features on? I heard that airpod pro has 4.5 hours battery life with anc on, So when it’s spatial oudio is on, battery life decreases more?
    5. Has the sony xm4 something like LDAC for increasing sound quality or it has quality enough and no need to LDAC feature? So why we need LDAC on liberty to increase quality and ruin battery, when we can experience that sound quality by default in sony without ruining the battery?
    6. How is the Latency in sony and airpod ? Is it noticeable like liberty in games? How about in movies?

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